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A crowd-pleasin’ Lucia Party song for you

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Midwinter MoonAfter I posted the recipe for those killer Frango chocolates on Wednesday, several people emailed me to say they couldn’t wait to try the recipe out. And quite a few folks wanted to know when they could order the ebook, A Crown of Candles: How to Throw a Fabulous Lucia Party.

It looks like we’ll have everything ready for you this coming Monday, October 11th. So keep that date in mind and check back here on Monday.

Meanwhile . . . I have more goodies for you today, including an high-quality MP3 file of one of our favorite tunes, “Solstice Night,” by Craig Olson & Julianne Marx from their upcoming album, Midwinter Moon.

Craig wrote the song for the first Lucia Party we hosted in 1997. It was such a crowd-pleaser that singing it every year has become a Lucia Party tradition. I know you’ll love it!

Just click here to find the audio file, sheet music & lyrics for “Solstice Night” and the script for one of the party’s visiting Numinous Beings!


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