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Gaian Tarot Card of the Week: 7 of Fire

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Seven of Fire

Gaian Tarot Seven of Fire

I woke early this morning with a pit of anxiety in my stomach, worrying about the many tasks I need to complete before leaving for the east coast in two weeks.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so familiar with the Tarot, and with my own deck particular, that I forget that it can be an endless source of wisdom and direction.  (It’s like forgetting to take deep, conscious breaths because I’m already breathing all day long.)

So I decided to ask this question of my Deeper Self, using the Tarot as the conduit for an answer:

What do I most need to know about meeting my goals this coming week?

And I was most pleased to turn up the . . .

7 of Fire

A blacksmith stands at a forge, raising her hammer high to strike the red-hot iron rod. The scent of rain-soaked autumn woods mixes with the pungent aroma of burning coals and hot metal. The smith’s heartbeat races as she pounds the glowing iron bar into the shape she desires. It takes much strength and determination to bend iron to your will. The smith wears an amulet in the shape of Thor’s Hammer (Mjöllnir) around her neck. She draws on the power of the Viking god of thunder, as sparks like lightning fly from her hammer. She knows that nothing can keep her from accomplishing her desire.

When you get this card in a reading . . .

It’s time for you to take a risk for personal growth and stand up for your authentic self. Dare to forge ahead! You are learning to trust your own strength and sense of personal power. You are expressing yourself creatively. And of course, you must “strike while the iron is hot”! Don’t pass an opportunity by when it presents itself, for that’s when transformation can occur.


“I have the courage and strength to transform my life.”

(The above text is from the Gaian Tarot companion book.)

So what do I most need to know about meeting my goals this week?  First, I need to remember that I have the power, strength and determination to get it all done. And that means not giving in to the anxiety and worry, not giving it more power. Focus on the tasks at hand. Just do it, baby. 🙂  Get into action and don’t be surprised if the forward momentum opens up new opportunities.

And . . . as I take the posture of the woman in this card, holding my hammer high above my head, I feel Her strength flowing into my body. I don’t stop to wonder if I can do this transformational thing. I just do it. I get out of my own way.

What does this card say to you, dear Reader?

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Maiyim Baron Wed - Oct 06th 2010 6:27 am

    As an apprenticed iron forger, I especially LOVE THIS!! Beautiful, Joanna.Thank you!

  • Joanna Wed - Oct 06th 2010 7:35 am

    Oh wonderful, Maiyim. Thank you!