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Upon what Threshold do I stand?

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(Mixed media collage by Joanna, 5.31.10)

We've been studying the Seeker card over at the Gaian Tarot Circle. This morning I posted this question on the GTC forum, then answered it myself:

What is the key insight you taking away from our study of the Seeker this month?

For me, the "ah ha" moment came during the mid-month call when I asked you all to pull a card that answered James Wells' question:  "Upon what threshold do I stand?"

I pulled the Wheel, and it took me awhile to glean the insight of that card as an answer. I had a lot of help from GTC members.  I am standing upon the threshold of transitions into new cycles, new seasons, new spirals of creativity and growth.

That's exactly how I feel right now.  I have completed the artwork and book for the Gaian Tarot (a huge epoch in my life is ending — the winter tree). I have started an online community and expect to be doing a lot of teaching in the years to come on the Gaian Tarot, especially after the Llewellyn edition is released (the spring & summer trees). I have reaped a financial harvest from the sales of the limited edition decks (the autumn tree). Meanwhile I long to metaphorically "hit the road" and seek out new adventures (new creative projects), like the Seeker.  

I wonder, where will the Fox lead me next?

My heart is being tugged in two directions right now — well, perhaps it is really one direction, expressed in two ways.  I long to spend more time interacting with Mama Gaia, and I long to create new pieces of artwork that are completely different from anything I've done before. 

I don't know about other visual artists but I have gone through two main phases in my life as an artist, as far as medium and technique go.  The first was pen-and-ink and the subject matter was finding the divinity of Goddess in the faces of everyday women.  The second medium was colored pencil and the subject matter was the same, which morphed into Tarot.  Now my eyes are older than they used to be, and I no longer have the patience to put 40, 60, 80, 100 hours into one piece of art.  I long to play with new mediums that are fast and messy and . . . different.  I'm interested in exploring encaustic and mixed media collage as mediums, and the themes that are calling to me are:  Liminality.  Thresholds.  Mystery.  

I created a mixed media collage that is a response to the question "Upon what threshold do I stand?" (posted above)

This piece is about the journey IMO, and is not necessarily a finished piece. But it was so much fun to do.   I'm giving myself permission to create art that I would not necessarily hang on my wall or put up for sale.  Very freeing.

Next week I am literally taking off on a new Seeker's journey.  I'll be driving about 300 miles to a spot on the Oregon coast where I'm going on a week-long art retreat.  I'll be studying a new medium, encaustic painting and collage.  Perhaps by the end of the week, I'll know whether or not it's for me.  I'll be exploring the forests and beaches there, too, with my sketch journal at hand.  

Do you think Fox might appear to show me the way?

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Jean Tue - Jun 08th 2010 10:39 am

    Wishing you *all* the best!

  • Ellen-Mary Tue - Jun 08th 2010 5:49 pm

    Joanna, that sounds like a delightful week. Enjoy! I will be surprised if Fox does not make an appearance. I can imagine the goosebumps he’ll bring with him.

  • judy Wed - Jun 09th 2010 8:33 am

    my advice, from one artist to another..
    go for the pure joy of making art..
    forget about new paths and journeys while you’re there. hugs, Judy

  • Tarotexplorer Wed - Jun 09th 2010 3:03 pm

    Whether one is an artist, a writer, or a craftsperson of any ilk, I think it’s difficult to move from the “how can I sell this” mindset and into one of “just do it because”. It’s like retraining the brain down a new pathway . . . which is very Seeker-like. Much joy on your coastal journey . . . and even the fox doesn’t know where the trail may lead. Nancy