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I made this digital vision board last spring when we were in the midst of our housing crisis and uncertain as to whether or not we’d be able to stay in our home.  Of the three affirmations, one has completely come true:  “I live in a beautiful home that I can afford.” (If I were to write this affirmation today, I would reframe it a bit more positively. But it’s true that we were able to buy Rainbow Cottage for monthly payments that are reasonable, and that’s what I had in mind when I wrote that affirmation.)  

Another one of the affirmations continues to manifest in my life: “Money comes to me easily and frequently.”  Can’t remember where I heard that one, but I like it! When I make a new vision board, I’m going to add this one I recently heard from my marketing coach Elizabeth: “I am resourceful and can create the money for the things I want.”

I just realized that while I included images of healthy eating, losing weight and doing yoga, I didn’t include a separate affirmation for it, and that’s the area where I’m still having trouble. The more work I do on my money issues, the more my health issues rise up to stare me in the face, wanting their fair share of attention. It’s true that while I continued to eat in a healthy way all year, I let my exercise program completely slide while I worked such long hours over the last six months or so. I’ve been dealing with a chronic cough for several months and have recently been through a series of tests that ruled out flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection and pulmonary emboli. The new diagnosis is GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) — apparently 40% of all chronic coughs are GERD-related — and it can be controlled through medication or, guess what? Weight loss. So . . . I’m getting back on the wagon with exercise. The biggest myth for me to bust is that I don’t have time for it. I also need to get over grieving the loss of my favorite places to walk on the island. 

The center affirmation wraps it all up:  I am Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

And about creating wealth . . . 

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Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Suzanne Fri - Jan 22nd 2010 12:50 pm

    Hi Joanna,
    I felt inspired just looking at your vision board, lots of good energy there! Thank you for sending out your inspiration.

  • Angelica Mon - Jan 25th 2010 6:50 am

    Great Vision board!!
    About that oough — I used to have something like that when I lived in Hawai’i … then I got on the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet (I’m a B) and quit eating wheat — the cough disappeared!!
    Now I love good breads, pasta, etc – so occasionally indulge — and guess what — cough, cough, cough.
    And I know what you mean about missing your favorite walking places. I just moved from Langley, BC – to Baltimore, MD — and have to find new walking spaces. However. instead of thinking of it as exercise, think of it as a walk is to commune with the energies of Mama Gaia … She doesn’t care where you walk — as long as you do it! Her energies are helping us move through the transitional energies on our planet, and in our lives!!
    Blessed Be.

  • Angelica Mon - Jan 25th 2010 6:52 am

    LOL – should have read what I wrote before I posted — sorry for the spelling and disjointed sentences 🙂

  • joanna Mon - Jan 25th 2010 6:55 am

    Suzanne, Angelica, thanks so much. I already eat gluten-free so wheat is not the culprit here for me. I do agree that looking at what we’re eating should be the first place to look when we have a chronic illness. And I do commune w/Mama Gaia when I walk, always have; I just find it a bit more difficult to do in suburbia rather than on my beloved rural island. But thank you, I am trying hard to get over it! 😉