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Explorer or Earth – Gaian Tarot Card of the Week

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Explorerofearth  What do we most need to know for the coming week?

Explorer of Earth 

This card is, of course, my version of the Knight of Pentacles.  So one way to look at this card is ask myself:  How am I exploring the realm of finances and/or health?  And (no surprise!) those are the two areas of my life that are “up” for me this week.  In finances, I continue to work on my business plan for 2010 and to work on healing some of my money mindset issues. I’m tracking my daily income and blessing the checks that I write. I continue to ponder ways to heal the “money/spirituality split” that was discussed so thoroughly in the comments in my last post. As for health issues, I’m joyfully drinking a green smoothie a day and am addressing a persistent cough I’ve had for a couple of months. A medical procedure I'm having tomorrow should give us some more insight into that. 

Here’s the commentary I wrote on this card for the Gaian Tarot companion book:

When you get this card in a reading . . . 

The Explorer of Earth experiences her spirituality in her body and in her relationship with the earth. Although she is very realistic and practical, she is also very intuitive. This is a time to connect to the Great Mystery (God/dess) by spending time in Nature. The Explorer's spirituality is pragmatic, focused on the “how” of spiritual teachings, rather than the “why.”

She has made an art of green, sustainable living, and has much to teach about the spiritual rewards of choosing simplicity. Follow her example and be cautious at this time with your money, spending it wisely and tracking its inflow and outgo. Repair and recycle what you can, rather than making new purchases. This is a time for finding pleasure in the rewards of hard work, especially if you are doing what comes easily and naturally to you. She also reminds us that staying fit and eating a wholesome diet are the best kind of health care.

What does this card say to you, dear Readers?

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Hecate, Runnymead Conspirator Mon - Jan 18th 2010 2:51 pm

    Great card, although I can’t quite tell what she’s doing with her hands. Ruby Sara is also posting this week on living simply and “plain.” I, too, am trying to focus on health, so I’ll use this card to remind myself to spend time in nature, even if it is still chilly outside.

  • Teresa Michelsen Mon - Jan 18th 2010 8:18 pm

    A couple days ago I posted on Jupiter entering Pisces, and it almost seems like this card draw and your comments on it are a direct reflection on the opportunities this presents for anyone working in a spiritual field – and for working on challenges related to the relationship between abundance/wealth and spirituality. This is the perfect time to explore these issues and expand your opportunities – enthusiastically, generously, and idealistically 🙂

  • Anna Tue - Jan 19th 2010 3:50 am

    Wise words, very wise words indeed! And thanks for cutting 3 weeks of waiting of the delivery of the deck! I had my goal set for Spring Equinox at a minimum! *Happy dance*

  • aliceinwonderland Tue - Jan 19th 2010 7:49 am

    Thank you, Explorer of earth. Your advice is very apt at this point to me. Every sentence you speak, I can practically apply to my life.
    You just inspired me to run to the gym ( through the pretty trees, i promise) and have healthy whole grain bread and milk.

  • Suzanne Tue - Jan 19th 2010 12:15 pm

    I love this card! I do feel most connected spiritually in nature and am changing my eating habits. I’ve been decluttering and simplifying. This card warms my heart. Thank you, Joanna.

  • joanna Wed - Jan 20th 2010 7:30 am

    Thanks Hecate. She is examining the duff at the base of the tree for tracks; or she was until a birdcall caught her attention.
    Teresa, how interesting that one manifestation of Jupiter in Pisces is a focus on the money/spirituality issue. I love your take on it.
    Anna, you are so welcome!! Hopefully the deck will not take too long to travel to Sweden.
    Aliceinwonderland — very cool!
    Suzanne, thank you.