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More on Offering Our GIfts to the World

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Elizabeth & Joanna at RS09 After I wrote yesterday's blog post, my friend and marketing coach Elizabeth Genco Purvis posted this article in her newsletter and on her blog.  (She highlighted my successful launch, too.)  I'm reprinting it here with her permission.  It's for all of you out there who have a dream or a gift or a talent and haven't quite shown up in the world with it . . .  I hope you find it inspiring.  

Mindset Insights: How Are You Offering Your Gifts To The World?

by Elizabeth Genco Purvis, the Marketing Goddess

"Every one of us has a special gift to give to the world. What's yours? And how are you offering it to the world?"


Reading those words from my client Joanna Powell Colbert (posted on her blog after her successful launch) was an invitation to stop, take a breath and remind myself why authentic, integrity-filled marketing is so important.


As soul-based business owners, many of us have real issues with marketing, promotion, selling our services, and all the rest. Personally, I used to completely tie myself up in knots at the thought of promoting myself or my marketing services. And I'm a marketer! (Hello, irony, hello!)


Here's what I know to be true:


1. We all have gifts to share with the world. Gifts, talents, strengths. (Healers, especially, often have more gifts than they know what to do with. Am I right or am I right?)


2. We have a choice: we can embrace those gifts, or let them die on the vine. And by "embrace," I mean claim them, use them, and value them (and ourselves) enough to charge what we're worth.


3. If you're not doing what you can to connect with the people who need your gifts – also known as marketing – your gifts are dying on the vine.


Embracing my gifts – really owning them and valuing them, and reflecting that value in my pricing – is something that was – and is – very difficult for me to do.


Ultimately, though, it was #3 above that really kicked my butt into action to get the hell over myself and not hide out. Because it really hit me – I mean really hit me – that if I didn't push past all that ego stuff and step up and start offering my gifts, it's not me who misses out.


Ultimately, using your gifts is NOT about you – it's about others. Your clients.


Everyone has a special gift to offer the world, including you. Are you getting it out there? I hope so, because the world needs you and your gifts, now more than ever.


Bright blessings and massive success to you…

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Rita Sun - Nov 15th 2009 3:22 am

    In just a few lines so many important things were said 🙂 Thank You to BOTH of you!