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End of the week Bindweed Musings

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As the past week unfolded, the lessons of the Bindweed card became clear to me on a number of levels.  I have mused more than once in these pages about strategies for keeping oneself calm, centered and at peace even in the midst of troubling or dramatic events.  Darned if this same theme didn't emerge again this week.

Because that's what it's all about in the end — how to stay calm, peaceful and even joyful when it seems like the whole world is crashing in on you.  This week brought resolution to two major issues in our lives — long term tenants moved into our island home (I am so happy to have an extended island family living there) and the Victorian house that Craig rehabbed finally sold after a year on the market. (We won't break out the champagne until escrow closes, but things are looking very good.)  So there's an end to supporting three houses, which has been a major financial drain this past year, and even more importantly an end to the specter of foreclosure.

We still have one hurdle to cross, and that's obtaining a mortgage on the house that we are now living in.  As I mentioned in the first Bindweed post, running the numbers does not look good.   Things have changed dramatically since signing the agreement 15 months ago.  It's very possible we will have to let go of this house,  relinquish our investment in it, and look for a place to rent within the next few months.

With a Cap Sun, Taurus Moon and Taurus Rising, my security needs are very high. I want money in the bank and a warm, stable, secure home since it's my workplace as well as the house I live in.  I don't like things to be up in the air.  It distracts me from my work and from my play.  I already gave nearly three months last year to sorting, purging and packing; and the thought of doing it all over again so soon makes me ill.  (Of course it will be easier this time.) 

So there have been times this week when I felt very much like the figure in the Bindweed card — unable to even rejoice that two major issues have been resolved because of the one major issue that still remains.    

The focus on home and houses has also led me to muse on questions like:  Where's my security anyway?  What do I still have if I lose everything?   (Questions I have pondered more than once this past year.)

And what I still have, of course, is:  my friends and family and community, my creativity, my work, my passion, my connection to Spirit and to the natural world — all those things that make life worth living.   All those inner things that survive no matter what happens in the outer world.   

I appreciate all the thoughtful comments that were made about the Bindweed card.  I meditated on each and every one of them.  I suspect that Lisa is right — I need to get back to making art. And I will, once my commitments to current clients are met.  And I have to wonder, with Teresa, if letting go of Rainbow Cottage will set me free in some way that I cannot envision right now.  

Melissa, I am familiar with Byron Katie's "Work" although I have not practiced it.  Thank you for the link to the video.  It is one more part of the puzzle for me.   Suzanne, I always appreciate your perspective.  I have been focusing this week on the material world and not the world of Spirit, where all things are still malleable, and where peace and joy reside.  Deb, love the process you describe, moving from disconnection to communion with Source.

A blog post by Mark Silver turned up in a Tweet this week and gave me much more food for thought:  “Law” of Attraction… prepare to meet Ancient Sufi Teachings.  Mark sums up the point of the post here:

"Get what I’m saying? Plenty of Love for everyone, but not plenty of Mercedes for everyone.

Creativity, ingenuity, and technology can go a long way towards more efficient, more equitable, and more sustainable use of resources. And, accepting limits is a part of being mature."

So.  I am looking forward to "practicing what I preach" in terms of staying centered, peaceful and joyful even as Craig and I navigate the next patch of rough water.  It will be interesting to see how the next chapter unfolds, and where we might be living come summertime.  I am grateful for all of you, members of my blog family, for your encouragement and your perceptive comments.  One couldn't wish for better companions on the journey.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Silverstar98121 Sat - Feb 21st 2009 1:33 pm

    I have faith that wherever it is, it will be the right place for you. I never thought I would end up in public housing, but here I am, and it’s been a good place for me for six years now.

  • Julia Guthrie Sat - Feb 21st 2009 3:40 pm

    “how to stay calm, peaceful and even joyful when it seems like the whole world is crashing in on you.”
    That phrase really sums up the past week for me. So completely!!
    I’ve had different things to deal with than you…much less important things in the great scheme of things, but I do resonate with this none the less!
    I can’t help but think that the whole year is going to be one big learning curve/ growth spurt! *oh dear…lol*
    My fingers are all crossed for you of course! xx

  • Lisa Hunt Sat - Feb 21st 2009 4:01 pm

    I had my own bindweed times this week, but had to reflect on all the wonderful responses that your Bindweed blog had generated. It made me feel clearer and more able to deal with issues in a more empowering way, rather than allowing fear and insecurity to cripple pro-active responses. Thank you Joanna for your candid blog–it helps so many!
    Yes, and once you have met your obligations, DO ART! I know for me, it helps to free the mind of potential toxic debris and it makes me, simply said…well, balanced and happy!

  • Marissa Sun - Feb 22nd 2009 7:21 am

    A little off-topic here… After having perused your beautiful Tarot deck multiple times, I have only just now discovered that you also maintain a blog! Although I feel awkward just jumping in, I thought that, at very least, I should introduce myself.
    So… *waves* Hi! I am a relative beginner in the Tarot, having only been reading for myself (and rarely for others) for about two years. I love my main deck (the Gilded Tarot), but am counting down to September 2011 to purchase yours as well. 🙂 I won’t go into all of the reasons that your work and voice resonate with me, but I will mention two: 1. As odd as this sounds, it cheers me to no end that you use Prismacolors. They are my only choice for work in color, and it makes me smile to see someone put them to such fabulous use. 2. I also love your focus on mermaids… My mother named me “mermaid” (Marissa Paige = “youth of the sea”) and I am very much a water person. I will definitely look into “The Mermaid Chair,” as well. 🙂
    I promise not to take up so much of your wall space from now on, but – at least you won’t scratch your head and ask yourself “who is this strange person whose name I’ve never seen before…?”
    Blessed be,

  • karen Sun - Feb 22nd 2009 10:47 am

    REvISED– I understand your need for security, being a triple earth sign myself. Letting go is scary but I think freeing also. I have heard change brings opportunity to grow. As I’ve learned from you and others in community security can be found in the things that connect you to spirit and the sacred. Sending you well wishes.

  • Lunaea Sun - Feb 22nd 2009 2:31 pm

    Well, you KNOW I can relate to so much of this, specifically the idea of “what do I have left if I don’t have what I thought meant security?” As I posted over on FB recently, I’ve moved 26 times in the last 35 years. The issue of Home with a capital H is just about the biggest challenge of my life, struggling to learn how to feel secure and grounded and at-home in the moment, trusting that I will always be at home wherever I am, when I know that the actual physical home could be taken away from me at any time. So… home is my bed, my books, my cats, my friends, my faith…. things that can go with me wherever in her earthly garden the Goddess chooses to plant me. (I guess I’m more of an annual than a perennial!) 🙂