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Share Your Vision with Obama's Team

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I just posted a badge on the left hand column with a direct link to ““, the new site set up by the office of President-Elect Obama.   How cool is this?  Not only do we have immediate access to the plans and agenda of the new administration, but they are also asking for our stories and visions!  Now, as Ketzirah Carly says, I don’t know how they will possibly read all these, but I sure appreciate the opportunity to have my voice be heard.  I have to ponder what I want to write.  There is so much.  But I sure do love Carly’s suggestion of turning the White House lawn into an organic garden!  And why not?

Yes we can!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • James Wells Tue - Nov 11th 2008 7:25 am

    Thanks for the info, Joanna. I’ve just sent a note of congratulations to the site. Many of us in Canada are inspired by President-Elect Obama’s vision and seeming approachability.