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The Bounty of Summer

in Summer

The morning’s stash from the
Farmers Market — who could resist?  An island friend was selling his produce and said he’d be stir-frying up new potatoes, sugar snap peas and garlic tops for dinner — we moaned and bought his peas and garlic to go with the potatoes and salmon we have at home.  Radishes for Craig’s tacos and Rainier cherries from the other side of the mountains at $10 a pound — ouch.  But oh, so sweet. With every bite we remember we’re supporting an organic farm family who’ve had a rough spring.

And this has nothing to do with summer or good food but I just want to thank Arwen for such a lovely review of this blog.  It’s really something, sometimes, to “see ourselves as others see us” (a nod to Robbie Burns).  Thank you Arwen!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • TarotByArwen Sat - Jul 05th 2008 4:24 pm

    Ok, now that DOES it! LOL! Another friend posted pictures of his garden. I am officially hungry now. 🙂
    Reviewing your site was so easy because there is so much good here!