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Season of Solitude, Season of Community

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Lucia102The terrible Northwest storm pretty much passed us by.  It was devastating to the south of us.  But, as Sister Kim Mermaid says, it was pretty much an average NW storm for us.  I was grateful that we didn’t lose power.  (I was sooo prepared for it!)

While the storm was raging outside, I was alternately fighting off a cold/flu while decluttering and deep cleaning in preparation for our annual Santa Lucia Party this coming weekend. The first wave of mermaid sisters and brothers arrive tomorrow and the second wave on Friday.  They’ll help us decorate and prep the food and we’ll help each other learn our lines — those of us who will be Numinous Beings during the party.  We’ll have around 50 or 60 guests here on Saturday night.  Last year the Giftbringer was a big surprise — it was Mother Star Stupendous Mermaid!  I’m not sure she’ll make it this year.  It would be hard to top last year’s appearance.  But whoever comes, she or he will indeed be wonderful.

This will be the 8th and last Lucia Party at Heron House.  My deepest appreciation goes to Helen Farias, who began these parties back in the 80’s as a way to honor a female Giftbringer (Lucia). Helen taught me so much about creating spectacular, dramatic parties.  We are still carrying on some of the traditions she started.

The deepest gifts of this season, I think, are the twin companions of Solitude and Community.  Let’s make room for silence and solitude during these frenzied days, as Mama Gaia would have us do.  And let’s gather together to celebrate with our chosen tribe and families, and turn the Wheel once more.

(Photograph from our 2000 Lucia Party by Paul Bingman.)

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