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Longing for the Forest

in Island Life, Nature Connection

NovwoodsI’ve been longing for the deep woods lately, instead of the meadows or beaches.

Perhaps it’s because I know I’ll be moving back to the woods next spring.  I spent ten years living in the woods outside Bellingham before I moved to a rural country road, edged by pasture and wetlands.   I loved the open space after so many years in the forest.  But I have to admit I have missed the forest too.  I’ve missed the grandeur of cedars and big leaf maples and hemlocks, the coziness of salal and Oregon grape and huckleberry, the sweet surprise of starflowers and trilliums and vanilla leaf hidden away in the undergrowth.

So I’ve been walking a lot in the deep woods on the nature preserve here on the island, where my dad used to walk.  It’s a little bit like going to church.

Blessed, blessed be these woods, this forest, forever and ever, amen amen.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Elaine Sun - Nov 11th 2007 7:40 pm

    That’s exactly what we say about going to the park that we will soon be sharing walks in. It’s like going to church!! I am soooo looking forward to sharing that with you.