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Before the Storm

in Autumn, Island Life


(Photo:  Tuesday’s sunrise as seen from my bedroom window.)

The sunrises over the last few days have been spectacular.  The beauty before the storm.  High winds today, they say.  I’m remembering last year’s extended power outages, so I’m ready.  I’ve stacked firewood inside the front door. I have flashlights, candles and matches at hand.  I’ve filled the bathtub so we have water to flush with.  I’ve washed the dishes, the laundry and my hair.  (When the power goes out, so does the well pump, so we have no water.)   My cell phone and laptop are charged.  I made a big batch of scrumptious apple-rice stirfry, which I can heat up on the stovetop.  Baked some gluten free muffins.  OK.  I’m ready.  With all this preparation for power outages, the power is sure to stay on.  Stay tuned.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Corrine Kenner Thu - Oct 18th 2007 1:15 pm

    It all sounds a little exciting!
    Storm days are very liberating. No power, no computers, no cooking, no TV … All you can really do is burrow down and write and draw or read. Or sleep.

  • LunaDauhnn Thu - Oct 18th 2007 7:09 pm

    My cats and I watched the wet trees do a wild dance in the wind. We stoked the fire and they slept while I read Gwendolyn Endicott’s book, “Crone Trekking in Coyote Land.”
    We are glad no trees fell on the house!