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Apples, Greens and Autumn Rain

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I worked on the computer for 12 hours yesterday.  Most of that was on the design and production of a book for a friend and client.  (It’s a great book and I’ll tell all about it once it’s released.)  I wanted to get the first draft done quickly so that I could get back to artwork and preparations for BATS.  But I woke up this morning feeling like the proverbial Death Warmed Over.  I don’t really recommend twelve hours in one day at the computer, even when it’s broken up with stretches and walks and meals.

So I made a mad rush for the out-of-doors this morning and headed up the hill.  My physical therapist told me to avoid walking uphill, so I haven’t since last spring.  But hey, I’m out of greens, and that’s where they are — at the farm up the hill.   So off I went.   (BTW my knee is much better;  I’m able to walk my usual 2-plus miles a day again.  I’m so relieved!  I think the glucosamine and the physical therapy are really helping.  I haven’t been gluten-free long enough to notice if it’s making a difference, though.)

So I huffed and puffed a bit, hiking up that hill.  But I stopped when I needed to.  It’s drydock and there’s no cars on the road.  Well, one.  I did see a truck.   Other than that the only traffic jam I encountered was three chickens and a dog.

And I was rewarded by this:


And this:


And this:


The knee was a bit sore coming back down the hill, but hey.  The view and the sweet smell of autumn rain are worth it all.


Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Teresa Sat - Sep 22nd 2007 4:08 pm

    I bet moments like this make it hard to consider moving to town, something you’ve mentioned in previous posts; I struggle, too, with the choice that seems to be lowest-impact (dense human population) vs. proximity to and everyday experience with the wild. Most downtowns just aren’t walking distance to apple trees and aren’t frequented by barred owls! Thanks for sharing the beautiful images and as always, your thoughts!

  • joanna Wed - Sep 26th 2007 7:51 am

    Yes, you’re right, Teresa . . . if we do move to town there is so much I will miss about living here. But if we can move to an area that is “country in the city” and also within walking distance of cafes and stores, I’d really like that. Time will tell . . .

  • Gabrielle Mon - Oct 08th 2007 7:08 am

    Hi Joanna,
    I was sent here by Julie in Virginia.
    Nice stuff. I am not into Tarot, but love the art work. Aren’t you part of the Crone Chronicles group? Not sure. Looks like we live in same area. I am in Bellingham. Julie asked if I knew you, so…
    Love the Fire Guardian…does he need a mossy partner to keep him cool?
    Gabrielle in Bellingham