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Home from Wisconsin

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Rueme (Photo: Rue and me at my vending table)

I’m home from WATTS — the Tarot conference in Wisconsin. I had a fabulous time. It was my first trip to the Midwest (outside of Chicago hotels and airports), and I was enchanted.  Green rolling hills, rivers, lakes, and . . . fireflies!!  I travelled with Rue, one of the sister priestess-initiates of the Silver Grove, who lives in St. Paul.  She was a wonderful hostess and took good care of me, even going so far as to make green smoothies for us every morning, which I deeply, deeply appreciated.

Gardenpath(Photo: The garden path behind Julie’s house.)

The conference was hosted by Julie Cuccia-Watts
(creatrix of the Ancestral Path Tarot, Blue Moon Tarot, Ma’at Tarot) in
her home town of Watertown, Wisconsin . . . what a classic small town.
Clapboard houses, white picket fences and a river running right through
the middle of town.  Julie and her husband Peter were gracious hosts to
the extended Tarot tribe who came from all over the country plus Canada
and Australia.  There was a party at their home Friday night, which is
a restored 1850 house that looks like something out of a fairy tale.
But the real treat was what Julie called her “9 of Coins Garden” — a
beautiful garden that flowed down a gentle slope, with flower beds
morphing into herbal plantings into vegetable gardens, with little
altars and nooks everywhere, a canopied tent for sitting, then down a
lush lawn to a stone circle with a fire pit, a great Grandmother Willow
tree . . . and then, the sinuous, winding river.   All the neighbor’s
homes also reached the river with no fences between the lots.  It was
the most wonderful setting for a party I’ve ever been to.  I can see
where Julie gets the inspiration for her art.  After the sun went down,
the fireflies came out — oh so magical!!!  I’ve never seen fireflies
before in my life, so I was very, very excited.

Corinne Kenner gave a great workshop on marketing your Tarot business;  Rachel Pollack‘s keynote speech was funny and touching and, as always, gave me a lot to ponder.  Mary Greer’s workshop on storytelling gave Rue a major epiphany.  I had trouble deciding which workshop to attend when they ran concurrently because they all sounded so fascinating.

Before I left, I set my intention to sell enough decks and prints to pay for the trip, and by golly, I did.

Janetme(Photo:  The Full Moon (Janet Berres) and the Queen of Cups (me) at the costume banquet on Saturday night.)

But I think my favorite part of Tarot conferences is the social part; seeing old friends that I only see at these events and meeting new people, especially those who have seen my work online and are excited to meet me in person.  I love talking to them, because I get even more of a sense of who I’m doing this work for.  It touches me deeply to talk to folks who are using my deck and getting inspiration from it.  I did readings with my Gaian deck-in-progress for the first time at a Tarot conference. Each person I read for was thrilled and energized by her reading.   And I was too.

(Photo: Debbie Lake, me, Mary Greer)

I received a couple of readings too, very different from mine. My friend Janet Berres is much more of a psychic than I am and I found her reading for me to be quite intriguing.  I heard myself telling a woman who was less than pleased with a reading she had, to try out other readers.  Every Tarot reader has a different style; it’s like handwriting.  You’ll learn something new from every reader you try.

There was much more, but if I keep on writing I’ll never get this blog post up.  Enjoy the photos!  (I swiped a few from Rue, Corrine, Ruth Ann and Mary. Thanks, ladies!)

(Photo: The river behind Julie’s house)

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Kim Sat - Jul 21st 2007 11:04 am

    It looks marvelous! Such fun. Makes me actually miss the Midwest (I grew up in Michigan). They all look like Old Mermaids, by the way. And I love your shell necklace.

  • hecate Sat - Jul 21st 2007 3:49 pm

    I am so jealous of that garden that it hurts!

  • Jennie Lin Sat - Aug 04th 2007 5:45 am

    I’m so sorry I missed the WATTS event . . . and the opportunity to meet YOU! It sounds like a wonderful time. I’ve been waiting to read about the details. What, no lightening bugs in the Northwest?? I’ll be more thankful tonight, enjoying the outdoors of Ohio.