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A Blessed Beltane

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MaylilacsLilacs and elderberry bursting into bloom on the morning of May Eve, April 30th.

This morning I went outside and washed my face in the dew of May morn — or were those raindrops?  Looks like we’re in for rain the rest of the week.  At least we had three gorgeous days.  Craig and I tended the garden and yard on Saturday.  Things are a bit tamer in our yard now, although I do have quite a lovely horsetail patch growing in the middle of my sweetgrass . . .

On this May morn, I’d like to report that the swallows have
returned, the chocolate lilies are in bloom and thriving down on the
corner, the sweet woodruff is ready for May Wine, the Doug firs are
putting out those magenta-colored flowers I see only once every few
years (what the heck are they, anyway?).  Our Magickal Hawthorn Tree is
barely budding out this May Day;  it’s usually in full leaf by now.
It’s been a long winter.

And magic abounds, if we only stay still long enough to witness it.

The other evening — I think it was Friday — Craig was standing
outside on the porch of his studio above the garage, taking in the
twilight hour.  He watched in amazement as an otter — an otter!!!
wandered up our driveway, meandered up the path to our front door, then
veered right around the big comfrey plant and headed up into the meadow
behind our house.  Craig lost sight of her after she dove into the huge
brush pile our neighbor has stacked up in the field (which will
eventually be an autumn bonfire).   We were both amazed.  In all the
years we’ved lived here, we’ve never seen an otter that far from the
shore before (about a quarter mile away).  What could she have
been doing?  I wonder if she’s making a den there.  It is breeding and
birthing season, after all.  I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes out
for her during those magical times of dawn and dusk.

Happy Beltane, everyone!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Debbie Lake Wed - May 02nd 2007 7:58 am

    Oh my goodness Joanna, how wonderful that must’ve been – to see an otter in the driveway!!! I occasionally get to see a deer in my driveway in Greenwood Lake but to see an otter – that is so special!
    It sounds like you had a magical Beltane. Bees blessings & best wishes to you and Craig this season ;D And believe me, your island sounds much more magical at this time of year than NYC. We’re very busy and exciting but it starts to jar the nerves after a while – even if we do have hot music spots ;D

  • Inanna Wed - May 02nd 2007 4:34 pm

    Beltane blessings to you, Joanna!