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Home (or: There, and Back Again)

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DriveslowIt’s always great to leave on an exciting journey and sometimes it’s even greater to come back home.  Craig and I arrived in Seattle Sunday about midnight our time, 3 AM on New York time.  Our bodies were still definitely attuned to the east coast and we slept like the proverbial dead at Craig’s sister’s house that night.  By mid-morning we headed north and made a stop at Terra Organica in Bellingham to stock up on fresh greens and veggies.    

As we crossed the Passage on the ferry, I nearly cried for the sheer peace and beauty of the scene.  Clear blue skies, sparkling water, a warm breeze.  As we drove off the ferry we realized that the island had totally greened in the eleven days we’d been gone.  When I left for the east coast I could still see water and a neighboring island through the bare trees from my studio window.  Now the woods have leafed out and all (!) I see is that luscious, living, thousand shades of green.

Our neighbor Colleen (see the Three of Earth) looked after the house and
our kitties while we were gone.  She went above and beyond the call of
neighborly duty by cleaning up the carcass of a bunny that the cats had
dragged inside the house.  I owe that woman a dinner!  Thank you,

Even though we grumble and complain at times about the hassles of
getting to and from the island and missing so many events in town,
there’s really nowhere else we’d rather live.

I’m still recovering from the congestion/laryngitis I picked up on
the trip and there’s a light rain outside, but I’m heading out for a
healing walk in a little while anyway.  My head is full of scenes from
the past week.  For me, the biggest joy of going to Tarot conferences
is the connections with people.  We are good at creating community
online, but to see faces in person and feel someone’s energy is a whole
different experience.

Julie has already posted some great photos from the conference (including one of her and me), and Corrine has posted her notes from every session (I am so impressed with how she does that).  I think Julie has me convinced that I need to go to WATTS (Wisconsin Area Tri-State Tarot Symposium) in July.  I’m seriously considering it.  I’ll have FOMS (Fear Of Missing Something) too bad if I don’t.

Now I need to go make a green smoothie and unpack my Tarot bags.  Did I mention I snapped up the only copy Jeannette Roth brought, of Diane Wilkes’ Jane Austen Tarot deck & book?   And that Diane wrote the sweetest note inside the book for me?   And did I mention that the Diane & Debbie Show was just too much fun to miss?  Three times a day?  And that I got to hear about the new creative project that Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is hatching?   And that I saw the new, original line drawing of the Fool for her new Tarot?   And that I also saw the Fool card from Corrine’s upcoming deck?  And that, after months of emails and phone calls it was sheer delight to hang out with James Wells in person again?  And that I got to meet Gina Theis, who published the first online review of the Gaian Tarot way back in 2002?  And that I’ve made new friends in New Hampshire that I just might visit the next time I visit Steve & Jenn in Maine?  And that I know I’m leaving all kinds of conversations and encounters out but they’re all swirling around in my heart and brain?

Still.  I am so glad to be home.

PS  Debbie Lake has now also posted several great entries on her whole Readers Studio experience.  So great to hear everyone’s stories!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Corrine Kenner Tue - Apr 24th 2007 5:42 pm

    We’re glad you two made it home safe and sound, Joanna. Dan and I enjoyed meeting your handsome husband in person, rather than in your cards. 😀
    We studied your deck on the plane ride home, by the way. And I’m going to frame the Ace of Earth card you gave me and put it in my new office as a good luck charm!
    See you in Wisconsin!

  • Mimers Wed - Apr 25th 2007 3:56 am

    Joanne, your home is full of beauty and peacefulness. I love when you share all the lovely pictures like the one above. It was so wonderful to see you again. I am glad you and Craig were able to get home safely. Until next year…

  • Elaine Wed - Apr 25th 2007 8:08 am

    Welcome home!!

  • Joanna Fri - Apr 27th 2007 8:30 am

    Thanks for the welcome home, Elaine. I missed my green smoothies so much!
    Mimers, it’s always good to see you. Pretty funny that you recognized Craig from the Builder card. 🙂
    Corrine it was good to meet your handsome husband too. And yes I will definitely be coming to WATTS. Blessings!

  • kristine Wed - May 02nd 2007 5:10 pm

    joanna……thanks for posting the above picture of the end of our driveway!
    looks like home to me!
    such a sweet place to sink my roots into

  • Joanna Wed - May 02nd 2007 7:13 pm

    Hey Kristine, I wondered if you’d see that . . . 🙂 Your driveway is one of my favorite spots on the island. Thanks for all the great work you do, making the decks by hand for me. Love & hugs . . .