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Your Heart’s Desire

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GtloversI’m not real big on Valentine’s Day because it’s such an overly-commercialized holiday. (Although I have to admit, I do appreciate the three red roses my sweetie brought me.  It’s the thoughtfulness I appreciate, though, not the obeisance to the modern advertising machine).  I appreciate Cate’s musings on the day, with the bits of history and her cheery hand-made cards.  I appreciate Dianne’s take on the day too, especially her emphasis on self-love.

So here’s my Valentine’s Day card for you, dear readers . . . may we all be blessed with loving ourselves, our lovers, our communities and our Mama Gaia.

From the LWB (Little White Book, although mine is blue or gold) that accompanies the Gaian Tarot:

When you get the Lovers in a reading . . .

It’s time for
you to look deeply into your own heart and ask yourself if you are
living a life full of passion and love. What gives you deep joy and
fulfillment in your life?  Whatever it is, are you pursuing it?  When
you are living an authentic life, pursuing your deepest passions, it is
easy to love yourself and then to love others.

Remember also
that your sexuality is sacred in whatever way you choose to express it
— alone, partnered with one or more then one, with someone of your own
gender or the opposite.  “All acts of love and pleasure are my
rituals,” Aphrodite says to you. Above all, be true to yourself and
behave ethically with your lovers.

Often this card appears when there is a choice to be made. The Lovers call upon you to always follow your heart’s desire.

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