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When Tarot Cards Come Alive

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Last weekend at the Mermaid Retreat, I was reading the cards for Sister Carol Mermaid, who may soon be moving to Ireland.  (Carol was my model for the Sun card.)  I use my own working Gaian 78-card deck for readings these days, and we were discussing the Ace of Earth and what the gentle fawn and unfurling spiral fiddleheads might signify to her. Just then, Betsy and Nora called out “A deer just leapt across the deck!”  (Not the Tarot deck, the wooden deck . . . hmm, or maybe it was the Tarot deck, mythically speaking, of course!)

Whaaat???  We all got up to see, but the deer had already disappeared into the woods.  We could see its tracks though, in the sand by the side of our beachfront cabin.  So the Ace of Earth (not to mention the Explorer of Earth, which also showed up in the reading) took on an extra added significance for Carol.

She also received the 3 of Water in her reading — the one I completed last week, with the three playful otters.  Betsy, with her keen mermaid’s eye for fish and waterfowl, spied otters splashing out in the water near the anchored buoys.  One, two . . .  three!  Three playful otters, come to remind Carol and the rest of us mermaids to cherish and nurture a playful and loving spirit.

Dontcha just love synchronicity?

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  • JLB Mon - Feb 12th 2007 2:44 pm

    Dontcha just love synchronicity?