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Siren Song

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"Sing, dance, create. If you have to choose one, do all three at once."
—Sister Bridget Mermaid, Church of the Old Mermaids

I’ve been inspired by Cate’s weekly postings of the "Mama Says Om" themes for months now and finally decided to give it a try myself.  This week’s theme is "song," and the first thing that came to mind was Sister Kim Mermaid’s excellent revisioning of the term "siren song."  Wikipedia tells us that "the term ‘siren song’ refers to an appeal that is hard to resist but that, if heeded, will lead to a bad result."  And we all remember those nasty stories about mermaids luring sailors to a watery grave with the haunting melody of their songs.  Definitely a demonization of the sacred feminine.

But leave it to the Old Mermaids to uncover — recover — create — a new meaning for the term.

"What is a siren song?" Lily asked.

"That’s one of those things that’s gotten mixed up in the legends," Myla said.  "They tell stories of horrible songs mermaids sing to make men jump in the water.  That’s silly.  Every Old Mermaid — and every person — has her own siren song.  It’s something she starts creating when she’s small.  It’s a combination of sound and poetry — it expresses her true self.  Before the Old Sea dried up, the the Old Mermaids would sit on rocks near shore and sing their songs.  They are amazing creations, these songs. Completely truthful.  Everyone has a siren song — it’s not always a song, per se.  It’s whatever you do that you love completely, or that you think is really you.  Something fluid, beautiful, all yours — and something that contributes to the community in some way.  The Old Mermaids loved sitting together and singing their siren songs."

"I like that," Stefan said.  "Maybe I’ll try to figure out my siren song."

"Me too," Lily said.  Lily began to hum.  Stefan hummed along with her.  Soon all of them were humming and laughing.

(From Church of the Old Mermaids by Kim Antieau, page 136.  Posted with Kim’s kind permission!)

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Mandy Fri - Jan 26th 2007 2:38 pm

    I love your take on “song”. My daughter & I enjoyed the stories of the Sirens in Greek Mythology. I’m also intriqued with the idea of Pagan/Goddess Spirituality, and actually have some books on hold at the library to read up on it. I attended a women’s sacred circle group recently, and really felt at home. Any readings you could recommend? You can email me…..thanks, Mandy

  • Julie in Virginia Sat - Jan 27th 2007 12:18 pm

    David Whyte often says the world is holding its breath – waiting for you to fill the niche that only you can fill…
    The Old Mermaids must be wise indeed to know that each of us is here to provide our own unique “siren song” and it is our sacred duty to sing it aloud – luring others to us to create community.
    Through your tarot art – your siren song calls me every day – reminding me of my true name.

  • KerrdeLune (Cate) Sun - Jan 28th 2007 7:49 am

    Lovely, Joanna! The song of the sirens is something out of the beginning time which still calls to us, and in a voice that is strong and clear and true.
    Demonization of the sacred feminine indeed – no old mermaid would ever do such a thing as sing to lure seamen to their deaths. If we are fortunate though, perhaps they will sing their beauty songs for us, teach us how to craft such songs ourselves and learn to sing them out across the world. The world needs beauty, and it needs beauty songs – most of all, it needs the healing and balance which come from such songs.

  • Susie J Sat - Feb 03rd 2007 6:28 am

    Very nice to read this — and to ponder. I’m printing this out so that I can reflect deeply on the song I’m singing, and if it’s true.