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It’s ruined! Hmm . . . maybe not

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My drawing table, a couple of days ago.

When I took a workshop from Elizabeth Lyon at the Surrey Writer’s Conference last month, I heard her say that there is a universal process that is common to all writers.  First, the resistance to beginning a new project (this is where we suddenly find dozens of important tasks to take care of before we start, like reorganizing our files or sharpening our pencils).  Then we finally begin the project, which often goes quite well and proceeds rapidly.  About two thirds of the way through, we hit stumbling blocks and have difficulties, which is followed by an almost overwhelming desire to give up and quit.  If the work isn’t abandoned at that point, the author plugs on through and finishes it.

When I heard her say this, I thought, Huh. That’s just what happens to me when I create a drawing or painting.   I always, always, always get to a point where I’m sure I’ve ruined it and I’m certain I will have to toss it out and start over.  I get into a real snit about it and I’m nearly unbearable to be around.  Craig, bless him, always reminds me that I feel this way about every piece I do, which is something I seem to conveniently forget.  So I spend a good ten minutes explaining to him why it’s different this time, I really did screw it up this time, and it’s not like the other times at all, at all.

Then of course I take another look at it, make some adjustments, edit and refine and finish it.  And then I like it.  Then I fall in love with it.  And I want to dance around and show it off.

Huh.  Good thing we have mentors and partners to remind us of our process when we forget.

P.S.   I just finished the Explorer of Earth and I am totally in love with her!  I promise, you’ll see all four Explorers soon.


Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • JLB Mon - Dec 04th 2006 11:45 am

    Good thing we have mentors and partners to remind us of our process when we forget.
    Well said Joanna! Thanks for these thoughts – they are especially helpful to me today!

  • lene Mon - Dec 04th 2006 9:10 pm

    So glad JLB linked to your post! 🙂 I can FULLY relate to the list of to-do’s that come before the project. Once I get going, I’m fine. It’s all the “prep” work that I have to work through first.

  • Kim Antieau Tue - Dec 05th 2006 10:42 am

    Nope, doesn’t look ruined to me. Thanks for the peek into your process. Just wonderful!

  • Andy Thu - Dec 07th 2006 5:10 am

    That table looks so beautifully ordered. Thanks for the glimpse into your creative process! It was quite lovely to read.
    I am turning politician for the awards season (hopefully it won’t leave me permanently tainted). I hope I can count on your vote – out of thousands of sites nominated, a queer pagan poet has made it through into the top ten finalists for Best UK Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards.
    Incredible! I’m still in shock… When voting commences today, there will be a direct link through from the badge currently sitting on my site. At the moment, it just points to the awards site in general.
    Voting starts today and you can vote every day throughout, as they set it up that way to help sites with lower-volume traffic! I will be heading over each day to cast my votes repeatedly and entirely acceptably, which is cool!
    What’s weirdly cool is quite a fair number of the blogs I love have got through to the finals in various categories, making voting easy for me, really!
    Just don’t ask me to kiss any babies. 🙂 x

  • isistarot Thu - Dec 07th 2006 6:27 am

    solstice greetings
    great knights
    i’ve also considered the knights to be questing or charging ahead especially with the ryder waite deck’s ( easy rider) depictions in the area of their suits, also they can represent men in the querants life

  • Lunaea Tue - Dec 12th 2006 8:41 am

    It’s actually even more of a blessing to have partners who LISTEN to each other — I remember another artist who would never listen to anyone else’s reassurances and reminders, and far too much of his wonderful work ended up crumpled in the garbage (literally and metaphorically, as his music ended up there as well as his drawing). So give yourself some good credit for being a receptive listener as well! 🙂

  • AscenderRisesAbove Sat - Dec 16th 2006 8:41 am

    Thanks for the peek inside your studio and your process!

  • Michele Sun - Dec 31st 2006 8:42 am

    ditto on the studio, your sharing strikes a cord, and I got to see how incredibly organized you are…that motivates me. **smile**