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Oh, November, that wild and crazy month

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Smokey contemplates the mermaid on the windowsill.

It’s been an interesting November so far.

November 1 – First Frost
November 6 – First Storm with Flooding
November 15 – First Windstorm with Power Outages (3 days)
November 26 – First Snow, First Snowstorm, Second Power Outage

Novembers are usually wet and windy but not quite this dramatic.  We haven’t lost power at all for the past two winters and the snow didn’t come until January last year (if I’m remembering rightly).  And not like this.  It’s still not quite like 1996 when we had four feet of snow.   I found myself wanting to call Pop and tell him about it — he would be so excited!  Then I realized, of course, I couldn’t.

I spent most of the day doing artwork, colored pencil in my right
hand and flashlight in my left.  🙂  In the photo below, you can see
me starting the colored pencil work on the Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles), with a
photo collage of my friend Nikki as a reference.  (I am really excited
about this piece and will post more on it soon.)

Craig measured about 10 inches of snow here yesterday before it got
dark.  He kept busy knocking snow off the trees in our hedgerow.  A few
of them are going to need staking and I hope we don’t lose them!   

The power came back on about 10 PM last night, for which we were
profoundly grateful.  Only 12 hours without it this time.  At 10 PM, it
was 21 degrees outside but, thanks to our 18 inch straw bale walls and
a cozy fire, it was a balmy 60 degrees inside. 

Our county isn’t really prepared for snow like this.  There are only
a few snowplows and coming out to the island is a pretty low priority.
Craig got around in his truck (four wheel drive) yesterday, navigating
around trees across roads and high drifts. He even jumpstarted the
island fire chief’s truck.  But there seems to be no reason to go to
town. It’s as bad there as it s here.  They’ve closed all the schools,
including Western. Apparently we aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Time to hibernate.  Blessed be.


Art by flashlight!


Craig knocks the snow off the trees in our hedgerow, hopefully to save the branches from breaking.  The shore pines in particular were bending quite low.


This was taken about 2 PM on Sunday.  You can see Colleen’s roof across the road.  Those big lumpy things on the right are a birdbath and birdfeeder!  And there’s the Magickal Hawthorn Tree and one of the Yule trees we planted.  Our Scion is hiding behind them.  Yes, this is what they mean by "blanket of snow."

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • donna Mon - Nov 27th 2006 11:20 am

    One of the bloggers I read is in Alaska, where they’ve had four feet of snow and schools closed already since nobody was prepared for snow so early. Yikes.
    Gonna be a long cold winter up that way for you folks.
    We have a touch of rain here in SoCal today – early for us, too.

  • Kim Mon - Nov 27th 2006 6:43 pm

    Looks gorgeous–as long as you’re staying warm. I heard we were going to have an easy winter because of El Nina, or something. I’m still hoping…
    Love your mermaid…and kitty!

  • Gerda Thu - Nov 21st 2013 2:39 pm

    Sweet Joanna thanks for sending such beautiful pictures and emails ,You are really special
    to me…may God Bless You and Your precious Family…
    Love from Belgium…