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More on Gratitude

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I’m still thinking about gratitude during this season of thanksgiving.  After dinner on Thursday, I read the cards for my neighbor Colleen.  I used my Gaian working deck and the Thanksgiving spread that Corrine Kenner designed (mentioned here).  The card Colleen turned up for the key blessing of 2006 was the 5 of Earth (or Pentacles) which, we all know, is a card of survival issues, usually indicating stress with health or finances or home.  So this led into a discussion of how such a challenging card could be seen as a blessing.  As we talked it through, I pulled out another deck, my friend Lunaea’s Full Moon Dreams Tarot.  The image of the goddess Inanna on her version of this card led to a discussion of the cycle of descent and return, and what happens to us when we descend to the depths of despair and then return, utterly changed.

But what I really wanted to share was this pithy little quote from Lunaea’s booklet:

"It is not the happy people who are grateful,
but the grateful people who are happy."
Brother David Steindl-Rast

Yeah.  What s/he said.

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