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Giving Thanks

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Even though I read an Alternet article yesterday morning that told me that Thanksgiving should be a national day of repentance for the genocide practiced on Native Americans — and I have to agree with the point they make — I still love a day when we come together to give thanks and to practice gratitude. 

Craig and I cooked just for each other yesterday.  It was our first Thanksgiving without my dad, and the second without my son and daughter-in-law, who moved east last year.  I missed them all so much.  At first we thought we’d do something radically different and go to a buffet in town then go to the opening of "Bobby," the new film about the day Robert Kennedy was shot. Or we could have gone to a friend’s house.  But we finally decided we’d rather cozy up at home and cook together, and then we’d have all the leftovers.

I have to say, we are great cooks when we put our minds to it!  It
was one of the best dinners we’ve ever made together.  The Yukon gold
potatoes in particular were just scrumptious.  And the lemony green
beans.  While we were cooking, I called my son and an elderly aunt and
uncle in California who are both shut-ins.  It felt good to make those

Our neighbor Colleen came across the street to join us for dinner,
since her husband and boys spent the day on the mountain snowboarding.
She brought her dog Rex with her, who promptly ate the cats’ food then
curled up on the rug.  Rex has been the neighborhood dog for the past
few years, going on walks with whomever would take him, hanging out at
different houses or taking a nap in the middle of the road. He was just
diagnosed with terminal cancer.  So Colleen is very sad and we are sad
too.  Rex is a great dog with a big heart, and we will miss him. 

After dinner, we did Tarot readings for each other, using Corrine Kenner’s great Thanksgiving spread.  Try it — it’s a fun way to count your blessings. 

Today, I am grateful for:

My partner, man of my heart; we are coming up on ten years together.
Our home, built by our hearts and hands
My health, which is good in spite of some chronic problems
chosen family of mermaid sisters and brothers, the Circle of Stella
Maris, especially those who stayed with me every step of the way during
my dad’s last days
This lovely island and the island community
My creativity — the ability to express my visions on paper
The ability to earn a decent living while working from home and having a flexible schedule
and circles and circles of friends and like-minded folks . . . the
Sisters of the Silver Grove, the Tarot community, the local and global
pagan/Goddess community, and the denizens of the blogosphere
My spiritual practice, my connection to Spirit and to Place.
For all of this, and more, I give thanks.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Kyrahmoon Fri - Nov 24th 2006 5:24 pm

    Reading your journal entry was inspiring. I was feeling sorry for myself, as this is the first holiday that my younger son is not with us. He is healthy and safe at a new job in Australia. That in itself gives me something to be very grateful for, yet brought a tear to my eye just the same. Your posts always make me reflect. I thank you for posting your thoughts and feelings.