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A Tarot Podcast, who knew!

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As I healed and recovered from my cold last week, I took up my work on the Gaian Tarot Explorers (Knights). I spent the last couple of months writing my proposal and sample chapters, and setting up the "bones" of all the cards (composition and photo references).  Now it’s pretty much pencil to paper, stylus to tablet.  I’ve set myself a goal of finishing two cards per week.  Even with a bad cold, this week I finished 1.75 cards.  I feel pretty good about that.

Getting into the flow of making art is very different, for me, from the flow of writing.  It’s less about language and more about space, form and color.  Not necessarily right brain / left brain, as writing can also be very right brain.  When I’m making art, I usually listen to music.  Recently though, I’ve been listening to audiobooks or podcasts. (Hmm, I may have to record some of the Old Mermaid stories just so I can listen to them while I’m making art.  There’s something so nurturing about having stories read to you.) 

Anyway I did an iTunes search on podcasts the other day and was pleasantly surprised to discover the Tarot Connection podcast. I’m pretty sure I had stumbled across the website some time in the past few months but this is the first time I listened to it.  I was really impressed with the episodes I heard.  They were engaging, interesting, informative and provided food for the spirit.  My favorite episode (of those I’ve listened to, so far) was one from last summer on the Card of the Day practice (one of my favorite Tarot things-to-do).  Host Leisa ReFalo interviewed both James Wanless (creator of the Voyager Tarot) and my friend James Wells.  Between the two of them, they came up with a wealth of ideas, all permutations on choosing a card a day and what to do with it after you’ve chosen it.  Who knew!

So thank you Leisa, for such a wonderful resource for the Tarot community.  I’ll be listening again later today as I finish up the Explorer of Water.

(BTW, dear readers, I know I’m way behind in our study of the Seven Whispers — I promise to blog about the Second one this week.  Thanks for your patience.)

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  • Andy Tue - Nov 14th 2006 1:25 am

    Wow. Thanks for the heads-up on this. It’s so hard when looking for podcasts to find good ones among the many! x