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Faith and Experience

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My friend Lunaea is interviewed about Halloween and the Tarot for a mainstream paper.

There is a great quote from Joseph Campbell in one of his interviews with Bill Moyers, where Bill Moyers says, "Do you have faith?" And Joseph Campbell says, "I don’t need faith. I have experience." And for me, working with the tarot on my own and with other people and seeing how meaningful the interpretations of the cards are, I have to think that the symbols are just too strong to ignore.

Well done.

(Thanks to Paul for pointing out the Campbell nugget.)

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Lunaea Tue - Oct 31st 2006 8:49 am

    Here’s the actual quote:
    “Moyers: You are a man of faith, of wonder, and —
    Campbell: No, I don’t have to have faith. I have experience.
    Moyers: What kind of experience?
    Campbell: I have experience of the wonder of life. I have experience of love. I have experience of hatred, malice, and wanting to punch this guy in the jaw. From the point of view of symbolic imaging, those are different forces operating in my mind. One may think of them — wonder, love, hatred — as inspired by different divinities….”
    (Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of Campbell’s death, and as always, his picture will be on my extended-ancestor shrine tonight. The Wikipedia lists the date of his death as 10/31, which I have to admit is more… mythic. Joe would like that.)