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Home from Surrey

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I spent four days last week at the Surrey International Writers Conference up in British Columbia and had a fabulous, exhausting time.  I learned a lot about the publishing industry, took a wonderful master class on "writing with style" from Elizabeth Lyon, and experienced the pure pleasure of New York agents oohing and aahing over my Gaian Tarot cards.  I have some very promising leads, so wish me luck, light a candle, send energy, whisper a prayer if you’re so inclined . . . for the best possible agent and the best possible publisher for my deck and book. Thank you.

I also spent some time with my friend Waverly. She’s been editing my work and helping me become a better writer since the olden days on the Beltane Papers in the early 90s. Craig came up on Saturday evening and joined me in my swanky hotel room.  I blew off the banquet (by that time I was in people-and-information overload).  We ordered room service, cozied up on the big bed and watched a rerun of Bridget Jones’ Diary.  The TV station deleted all the curse words in the movie, which was amusing, especially with Colin Firth’s final line.

I’ve been home since Sunday night, but I’ve been catching up on my sleep and replenishing my well. That is, when I’m not in a writing and revision frenzy, working on query letters and polishing my proposal.  Today things have calmed down a bit.

I received several emails from folks who have not yet been able to put their hands on a copy of Seven Whispers.  So I think we’ll put off the Second Whisper for another week.

Keep maintaining that peace of mind!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • JLB Wed - Oct 25th 2006 11:37 am

    Good luck, good thoughts, and an encouraging whisper in the ear of the best possible agent to find her/his way to you and your beautiful work!

  • Andy Wed - Oct 25th 2006 11:09 pm

    I won’t wish you luck as I don’t believe in luck as such, especially when people are gifted with talent as you are. We make our own luck, and are presented with opportunities when we both seek them out and are ready for them. You will succeed, I have no doubts whatsoever and I, for one, am very pleased to read what you wrote above. I wish you every happiness, and for all the connections to be made that need to be made. x