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A Shawl Woven of Prayers

in Death & Dying, Family

When my friend Helen Farias was in midst of her journey with breast cancer in the early 90’s, she was inundated with letters (this was pretty much pre-email) from people all over the world who loved her work and knew her from the pages of the Beltane Papers.  I remember one day she said something like this:  “I feel like there’s this golden net of support, woven by all the prayers and good wishes of all these people who are thinking of me . . . I can almost see it and touch it — it feels like a shawl I can wrap around me to comfort me and keep me warm, nestled into all those prayers.”

I thought about that image this past week, as I received so many emails and comments in this blog about my walk with my dad.  For your prayers for him and for me — thank you, thank you all.

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