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Thank you . . . I was pretty amazed and overwhelmed at the number of emails and comments I received after I posted the Aces, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to write. I intend to write back to each one, it may just take me a few more days.

I really do believe that this Gaian Tarot project is the best of me — I get bogged down in the minutiae of daily living just like everyone else — I get discouraged and I struggle to manage multiple commitments and I don’t meet all my goals. But the best of me is what goes into those paintings and those words — and I am so thankful that so many people are touched by the work.

Today is Saturday and it’s one of the days I hold sacred as an Art Day – so I will be getting to work on those Children/Pages today. We have glorious sun this morning too, after a week of rain and gloom, so I’ll be spending some time outdoors, in the garden, weeding and sketching and letting Mama Gaia nurture me.

Yesterday was an extremely long, rough day for me. First of all it was the fifteenth anniversary of my son’s death. I usually try to hold April 8th sacred, and plant a shrub or tree for him, and take the time to think about him and honor him. But yesterday my dad (who is 89) had an appointment for a medical procedure that really could not be put off. So, after a night of broken sleep, I got up early, caught the 7 AM ferry and picked up my dad in town. It turned out to be a very long day of appointments, errands, and caretaking, and in the middle of it all I was trying to come to consensus with other land trust board members via phone conversations, on an emergency issue where emotions were running quite high. I spent too much time on my feet and my broken-but-healing-foot was burning by the end of the day.

I love my dad dearly and it’s hard to see him looking so frail. I am his daughter though — I used to laugh at (and be embarrassed by, as only a child can) his ability to take catnaps any place, anywhere, any time. Falling asleep in public places, please!!! And there I was, taking a nap in the late afternoon in the waiting room of a car dealership, as they repaired the side mirror on my dad’s car. Like father, like daughter.

I came home around 8 PM to a luscious island sunset that looked as though it had been painted in luminous oils. I had to stop just to drink in the pink, gold and violet colors of sky and water. Balm to my soul.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • rosyelf Wed - Apr 13th 2005 9:50 am

    How strange life can be-the younger ones dying before the elder.And, yes, my response too would probably be “that must be the worst thing that can happen to any person-to bury their own child. ” Of course, in many countries that is still a common reality-does that make it any less painful ? I doubt it.
    I’m aware in some parts of Africa, if a woman has lost one or more children, she always numbers them among the living : “Yes, I have two children, one is living, the other deceased.” This seems so much healthier and HONEST to me than the Western “habit” of not mentioning.Our children-I have 3, by the way, two boys and a girl-are always with us, dead or alive.
    I’m thinking of you particularly, Joanna, at this time. And many blessings on Jake, wherever he is.
    By the way, your beautiful Ace of Wands snake hatchling arrived the other day, here in England, almost before you put it in the mailbox ! It is so lovely. I can see it every day. And can almost FEEL the leatheriness of those eggs.