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in Colored Pencil, Island Life

Silvery-shining thirst-quenching plant-nourishing well-filling rain!

Ahh . . . cool grey skies with a touch of greyed lavender, sepia trees, dark green cedar limbs dancing in the wind. Indigo blue and a touch of Tuscan red in the shadows. The daffs are bursts of lemon yellow & deco yellow, the red-flowering currant a mix of raspberry, henna and blush pink, the evergreen clematis pure white, with touches of French grey, cloud blue and a bit more greyed lavender. Can you tell I’ve been using my Prismacolors again? Yes, I’m looking at the landscape through my colored pencil palette.

This morning’s rain is as welcome as the flowers in May. Yes, even here in the normally rain-drenched Pacific Northwest, we herald the spring rains. Our unseasonal sunny weather has had us heading for a summer drought. I’ve been wondering if I should even plant anything new in the garden this year . . . I’m still wondering, and will consult my native plant expert friends over at Tree Frog Farm. A few Pacific wax myrtles along the north side of the house would soften the view from up the hill. I’d like to put those in this year . . . we’ll see. Let’s hope today’s rain is a harbinger of things to come and not an aberration.

Our well has never gone dry, but every year we hear of a few on the island that have. I think we best do a Well-Dressing ritual this year, to bless our well, and by extension every well on the island. On a small island, we’re all really drawing from the same large aquifer.

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