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A few weeks ago, Craig and I went down to Seattle to hear Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speak. We left the auditorium thinking, When can we vote for him? A very impassioned and brilliant man. The most thought-provoking idea I took away with me was this: when asked what the single most important thing each of us can do to protect the environment is, he answered: get involved on the federal level. I was quite surprised, as I am a longtime advocate of “acting locally.” But he said that the Big Corporations just love the books and articles that come out that are titled “50 things you can do to save the earth,” etc. because those books put the responsibility on each of us instead of them. Not that we shouldn’t recycle, carpool, etc — all those things that help to minimize impact on the environment — but, he said, lasting change will only occur at the federal level. For example, he said, there is no reason why all auto manufacturers can’t make cars that run at least 40 miles to the gallon — but they won’t unless they are forced to, by law. So he encouraged everyone there to join and support the Sierra Club and/or the National Resources Defense Council (he is on the NRDC staff) because he said they are the two most effective lobbyists for the environment in Washington.

Meanwhile, in my own little community here, there’s a controversy over a parking lot that the county plans to put in near the ferry dock. Some of us want to preserve the cedar trees, old growth snag and house that are on the property and convert the house into a center of some kind — a new home for the Boys and Girls Club, a senior center, a community kitchen, a health clinic — there are many ideas being discussed. We have a plan for providing parking on an adjacent lot. Other islanders are outraged at the idea of delaying parking because of the traffic jams and illegal parking that happen during peak summer months and the annual period when the ferry is out of service. Safety and difficulty in navigating crowded roads is the issue for the firemen. Both sides have good points to make, and they were made last week at a community meeting and again last night at the County Council meeting. It’s OK to have opposing viewpoints as long as we are civil to each other, right? Call me naive, but I was pretty shocked at the obscenities and hateful words thrown at some of us by some of them. Not all of them, but enough. “F-ing communists!” one man spat at us. I suppose it should just be hilarious, but I was shocked. Are they seriously that divorced from reality?

One islander old-timer told me that this division among islanders (dare we call it red and blue?) is nothing new, that it has been here for 30 years or more. We all care about this community and this place, but we sure express it in different ways. It leaves me feeling extremely discouraged about building bridges between the two groups. (When a friend tried to talk to them about us working together to solve problems, one man called her an obscene name I won’t repeat here. Totally uncalled for.)

And yet . . . all of us got on the same ferry last night, and rode across the inky black waters under a full silvery moon . . . to the place we all call Home.

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  • Judith Wed - Apr 06th 2005 8:21 am

    Joanna, I thank the Goddess for your work. I was introduced by a friend and cannot stay away from your site. I have been “reading” Tarot for friends since the flower-child ’70’s. I have always used “Daughters of the Moon” because of their link to the mindset of women. I am now “saving up” for yours. Your cards and the messages they give both in words and visualization are prompting and prodding me to return to the psychic world. In the 70’s and 80’s I sponsored Women’s Study groups. I find that form of gathering lacking in the lives of women younger than my 62 years. Friends are bringing new and younger friends to my table asking for readings and conversation. My 16 year old granddaughter has asked me to put a group together for her friends. When I looked at “my” cards in the Oracle, they told me to basically just get over it and start sharing my psychic gifts again. Your spirit and your work is a blessing in my life right now Joanna, and I thank your for sharing yourself with so many of us.
    I love the red-flowering currant plants! I wonder if they would thrive in the mid-west? Right now my daffodils are ablaze here in Iowa. It seems the winter has caused them to multiply beyond their usual prolific selves. I’d send you a photo, but haven’t yet learned to use the new digital birthday camera. I am slow to enter the digital age!
    Blessings always, Judith