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Ocean Devotion

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Last weekend I travelled to a neighboring island with my mermaid sisters for our annual retreat. We arrived in cold, clear sunshine on Friday evening and left in a sudden snowstorm on Sunday morning. In between, we talked and listened, talked and listened, and talked and listened some more.

One of the first things we did after arriving was to each offer up our hearts to Mama Ocean, our beloved Stella Maris, Star of the Sea . . . aka Salmon Woman, aka She Who Watches . . . also known by a thousand other names.  She has our hearts, this Goddess of gentle waves and raging storms. We honor Her and respect Her and hope for Her blessings.

The nine of us have known each other about ten years now. We have a history, and it shows in the wisdom-lines on our faces.  We’ve gone deep with each other and have celebrated and mourned together. Where would we be without our sisters?

Ave Stella Maris, come to me, come to me . . .

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  • Aislinn Wed - Feb 09th 2005 6:24 am