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Rain and Yoga

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It’s been raining for two days straight now. Lovely, silver, earth-renewing rain. Many folks I know are in a post-election grip of depression, others are doing the post-mortem and wondering what to do next. Craig wrote a song called “Wednesday Morning” and can barely sing it without crying; I can barely listen to it without crying too.

I went to yoga class this morning. It’s held in a studio with great vaulted windows and skylights that let the forest inside (except that we are warm and cozy instead of wet and cold). It felt right to spend this Sunday morning challenging my body and centering my spirit. This is “Yoga for Beginners” but I feel like I should be in yoga pre-school. Some of the poses come easily to me, but others are quite difficult.

This morning, during one of the standing poses, I was looking out through the window at the forest. Most of the trees are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar in shades of grey, brown and dark green. But there are many Big Leaf Maples too, with their huge gold & yellow leaves. The contrast of gold against the dark green & brown is quite striking. So there I was, attempting to stay balanced on one leg while remembering to breathe and release the tension in my body, when I saw a bright golden maple leaf slowly glide down to the forest floor. Ahhh . . . I saw my own Tarot card, the Tree (the Hanged One) in my mind’s eye. I’ve drawn that very leaf, I thought, and here I am attempting that very same pose. Many of my paintings are inspired by everyday events, but here’s a case where an everyday event was inspired by one of my paintings.


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  • melanie Mon - Nov 08th 2004 9:26 pm

    maybe that was Gaia drawing *you* a card! 🙂

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