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The reviews are in . . .

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The first reviews of the Gaian Tarot have been posted at Tarot Passages and Aeclectic Tarot. I am humbled and very grateful that my labor of heart & soul is touching so many people. Thank you.

From Tarot Passages:

Prior to writing this review, I thought I would emphasize how ideal it is for magical use. I even thought it would be wrong to use it for regular readings! . . . Then I actually used the deck…and found that the Gaian Tarot had other ideas. I pulled a card for a profound and “large view” comment on my life and received Justice. I was on my way to volunteering for and it seemed so specific a comment on being the change I wanted to see in the world that I was stunned. It was as if the deck wanted to say, “The mundane and the spiritual world are not to be separated. Don’t try it with me. I will not be marginalized!” When I did a full moon reading with the deck with a friend, we received very literal and metaphoric messages, with symbols that were both personal and tangible. One image literally reflected the magical tools my friend possessed. One of my cards offered a very specific comment on a real world issue. I love the voice of this deck–it speaks as a wise, no-bullshit High Priestess–one who can channel both Persephone’s other-worldliness and Hecate’s tough love. Read more here.

From Aeclectic Tarot:

I followed this deck from the first time that I heard of it – and each card that was posted was breathtaking, filled with a sense of all that Gaia can be, as well as a full dose of the mystical Tarot at its very best. I was on pins and needles waiting for it to show up in my mail box – and when it did, I ran to the house to open it with a sense of excitement that has not been present for a very long time. Read more here.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Cleis Tue - Nov 02nd 2004 9:30 am

    Ohhhh! I can’t wait to receive my deck!!! (We’ve corresponded under my real name.) Thank you, Joanna!