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Heron House says: Give Bush the Boot!

in Right Action

Give Bush the BootCraig downloaded this sign from MoveOn.Org, printed it out and put it up in the window of his studio. The four houses that are clustered together at our end of the road all have Kerry signs out. Wish I could get a photo but our houses are too far apart. I think I’ve only seen one Bush sign on the whole island and a couple of dozen for Kerry. That’s heartening!

I’ve been watching this independent Electoral Vote website for the past couple of months. It’s a personal project created by an American professor of computer science living in the Netherlands. Very interesting guy. He updates the site daily based on the most current polls. This morning he has Kerry winning, with 298 electoral votes to Bush’s 231, using the data from 50 new polls. But he goes on to say: “The reality is that everything depends on turnout, how many voting machines fail, and how much monkey business happens.”

Jeez. Are you as anxious as I am?

We are heading over to the peninsula tomorrow after we vote to watch the election returns with close friends. Definitely not something any of us should be doing alone!

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