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The decks are in your hands . . .

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I started shipping the first of the limited edition Majors decks this week — and I just received this email from one of the folks who bought one. I asked her if I could post it, as it just made my day!

Hi Joanna,

I just received my limited edition deck and had to write and tell you it surpassed all my expectations. Wow! Not only are the cards themselves amazing — which I expected, but they are even MORE amazing in person than online — but the entire presentation is elegant and sumptuous. This will be one of the most prized items in my Tarot collection. And now I’ll be waiting with even more anticipation for the day when all 78 cards are finished and a full deck is available. I’ll be right there at the head of the line to buy one because I know it will be beautiful and readable and will become one of my favorites.

Thank you so much for your vision and dedication and hard work. It’s all worth the wait.

In admiration,

Thank you, Deb!

And if you’ve ordered a deck and are wondering when you’ll receive it, I’m assembling and shipping decks in the order that they were ordered and whether or not I’ve received payment in full. My goal is to have them all shipped by the end of October.

And yes they are very nearly sold out. I am taking the final few with me to BATS in San Francisco next week.

I am really looking forward to hearing any stories you all want to share when you start to do readings with the Majors.


Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Laura Tue - Oct 19th 2004 4:26 pm

    I too wanted to write you when I got my package, so I’ll post this as a comment here. I received my deck on October 13th, the day of the new moon. I thought it was perfect they arrived then, at the beginning of the new cycle of balance (Libra), and also so I can sleep with them for a full moon cycle starting at the very beginning.
    The deck is beautiful, as I knew it would be. The bag is gorgeous (my other deck is jealous now) and smells so yummy with the herbs that came with it. I am really looking forward to getting to know the cards. I’ve been showing them off to friends and have been pleased how well I can describe the card meanings just from my knowledge gained by reading your journal as you created them.
    Blessed be!