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A Whistler Vacation

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I was surprised to receive a note yesterday from a reader and Gaian Tarot aficionado who wondered where I’ve been . . . yes, it’s been two weeks since I posted here. Nothing earth-shattering, I’ve just been on vacation. Vacating work, even news and politics, and thinking of nothing taxing for six whole days. I had planned to blog a couple of times during the week but realized quickly that staying offline was definitely part of vacating my everyday life.

Craig and I went up to Whistler, British Columbia and spent the week with his family — mother, father, assorted siblings, spouses and nephews. We are a rather diverse group of people but managed to avoid the hot topics of religion and politics and just have a great time together. I love Whistler. This was our third or fourth time there, but our first time in the summer. It offers the best of wilderness, outdoor activities (from extreme to mellow), and village life, all with an international flair.

Above: the view from the top of Whistler Mountain, looking down on the village

A few highlights of the trip:

– Hearing a great Canadian Celtic band, Banshee, play at my favorite Irish pub, the Dubh Linn Gate
– Canoeing the River of Golden Dreams
– Having no need for a car, but walking everywhere we wanted to go
– Buying British and Canadian books that aren’t available in the states
Ziptrekking! (wherein one is strapped into a full body harness and zips on steel cables across wilderness gorges, high up between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains)
– Listening to our Ziptrek guide speak in empassioned terms about the need for sustainability in Whistler, and her pride in what is being accomplished especially as the region prepares for the 2010 Olympics
– Seeing a mother black bear and her two cubs (from a ski gondola)
– Being up in old growth forest on the Ziptrek Ecotour
– Reading Canadian newspapers and especially the opinion pieces on current US events (the Globe and Mail said Kerry would win in a heartbeat if Canadians could vote in US elections — don’t we wish!)
– Hearing Australian, French and British accents everywhere
– Listening to my own speech patterns take on Canadian nuances by the end of the week, eh?
– Early morning lattes at the Portobello Cafe
– Losing a heated scrabble match to my brother-in-law
– The eucalyptus steam room and the cozy reading room
– Quality re-connection time with my sweetheart

Home now, I’m still feeling the afterglow of good memories. Getting away gives you perspective on your own life, gets you to thinking about changes you want to make, and makes you grateful for what you have. Blessed be.

Below: Canoeing & kayaking the River of Golden Dreams

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Sage Mon - Jul 12th 2004 12:30 pm

    I missed your presence in the blogosphere, too. Glad you had a vacation!

  • melanie Tue - Jul 13th 2004 2:04 am

    sounds like a great time. I’ve been wondering where you were too… seemed like I only just found you, and your wonderful deck-in-development, and then you vanished!

  • Silverlotus Tue - Jul 13th 2004 3:56 pm

    The Globe and Mail is our conservative newspaper. 😉 You should read and watch some of our more liberal sources.