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Death and the Hanged One

in Gaian Tarot

I want to thank everyone that took the time to send me an email or make a comment here about my Death card. This card has generated more response than any of my cards up to this point. I was somewhat nervous about this card since it’s so different from most Tarot Death cards. And it’s very personal, so I was worried that it would not be universal enough to touch others. But clearly it has, and so I thank you for letting me know. This is the most rewarding part of the artist’s journey, when we get to hear first hand the viewer’s experience of our work. And when you’re creating spiritual / mythical / symbolic work, it’s even more exciting because other people keep finding deep meaning or symbols in a piece that the you did not put there consciously.

What did we ever do without the internet? I get a despicable amount of spam, but your notes and emails and comments truly keep me going as I create this deck.

Now I’m at work on the Hanged One (who keeps changing gender on me) and I’m finding resonances with what’s going on in my personal life — letting go, surrendering, sacrifice, letting go and letting God/dess . . . I pretty much stayed offline this week, attending to other parts of my life. I let go of my plans to go to camp, in order to rest, hide out, and just have uncluttered time and space to work on art. I moved my studio out to the deck and soaked up birdsong and the fragrance of herbs and flowers as I worked. I fretted about my dad who is growing weaker and may need more attention and care. After visiting friends over the weekend, Craig and I talked seriously about relocating to their area sometime down the road. The thought of leaving my island and home threw me into an emotional tailspin.

So focusing on this calm, centered Hanged One is a good practice for me right now. (In my version s/he is doing the yoga posture called vriksha, the tree.) I have this sense of the calm before the storm . . . so now is a good time to practice the balance and grace of the Hanged One.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .