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New York City: a Labyrinth Full of Wonderful Surprises

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I had four days to explore New York City before the Tarot conference. Four days was clearly not enough, so I prioritized the things I wanted to see. I walked and walked and walked, getting blisters on top of my blisters. I learned to hail a cab, and finally braved the subway system.

I collected scents: hot sizzling asphalt, seductive garlic-marinara sauce drifting out a kitchen window, sweet lilies at the corner flower stand, decaying garbage in bags on the street, expensive perfume outside Saks Fifth Avenue.

Everywhere I turned, I met another goddess. There was Athena in all her glory, on the side of the Radio City Music Hall:


Diana and Isis and Venus/Aphrodite were around every corner inside the Met, and there were Muses and Mermaids all over the art deco buildings of Rockefeller Center. Witches, both good and “bad”, were present in the play Wicked. I loved it when Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, admonished us to “defy gravity and fly!” Inside St Patrick’s Cathedral, I smiled to see my old friend, the Lady of Guadalupe, and was pleased to see She had a place of honor there. At the Petra exhibit at the Natural History Museum, I saw Nike, the goddess of Victory, holding aloft the Wheel of the Zodiac with the goddess Tyche in the center.

I was in good company, surrounded by old friends.

sistersNew York City is like a labyrinth — you only go a few steps before you see something wonderful and amazing. Then you’ve barely processed it and you turn a corner and bam! there’s something else fascinating and intriguing, and you’re off on another experience. This especially happened to me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had several dozen experiences of seeing a painting or sculpture that literally took my breath away and left me with my heart pounding and tears coming to my eyes. Any one of those would have been enough to savor on a normal day!

I love this medieval sculpture of the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth because it shows the tenderness between sisters. It reminds me of my own sweet mermaid sisters.

Central Park seemed to me to be the heart of the city, a bit of wilderness beating away in the center of town, the Empress curled up in the arms of the Emperor.

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  • Ann Mon - May 17th 2004 3:41 am

    In the rapidly changing face of New York City fast becoming another strip mall full of chain shops and uniformity, it is refreshing to note that yes, real New York still exists!