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  • Craig Olson Mon - Apr 12th 2004 12:25 am

    As Joanna’s paddling partner and, well, partner, I’d like to constructively add a little blog-ette to her paddling entry.
    Joanna and I paddled our sea kayaks from a friend’s beach near our home down to some small islands to the south, had lunch & a nap and then paddled back in our first sea kayak trip of the year. I had broken my left foot in four places a few months earlier so I was concerned about whether or not I could carry the boats or walk on uneven ground. We’ve been paddling together for about 5 years now, off & on. I’ve always been kind of a risk-taking, wilderness trekker kind of guy – not a jock (too skinny) but an avid explorer and adventurer. Joanna has a different history so we’re not always on the same page but she has chosen to become more physical and active and today I was blown away by how strong she has become! Not that physical strength is the only or most important goal – far from it! – but physical strength & endurance are quite valuable when you’re outside and far from home.
    The first time she came to my home back when we were dating there were no less than 4 of her art works on my walls. 2 in the bedroom. I loved her work before I loved her or even knew her. So I’m probably biased. But I truly believe that her work-in-progress, the Gaian Tarot, speaks in a way that is refreshing and profound. I’m a musician, among other things, and I’m also something of an artistic snob – liking only the best work – and the Gaian Tarot is nothing less than stunning.
    Back to the paddle trip – my broken foot didn’t bother me a bit and, as (I think) Rick Deringer said: “We all had a real good time!” Blessed Be.
    Craig Olson