Listening to music (and singing along with it) is one of the most important ways that I align myself with the rhythm and deeper meaning of the season. I especially love to listen to seasonal music while I’m creating art. So I made up a playlist of some of my favorite winter songs. Most celebrate ...Continue Reading…

This video is pretty darned cute. The Christmas Story — to me — is all about the metaphor, baby! Merry Christmas!

I took this photo last night before the eclipse began.  There are visions, hopes, dreams and prayers in that lovely yellow beeswax light, communing with the Silvery One above . . . Blessed be.

Light is returning, Even though it is the darkest night . . . No one can hold back the dawn! JOYOUS SOLSTICE, everyone!

Sometimes, you have to admit, the Tarot just has a wicked sense of humor. In response to my question, “What do I most need to keep in mind, during the Holy Week of Winter Solstice / Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Family Christmas?”, I pulled . . . the Sun. The Gaian Sun is far ...Continue Reading…

A musical Yuletide card from our home to yours. We first sent this out to friends in 2008, but it’s worth a repeat. Blessed be. In the Bleak Midwinter performed by Craig Olson; Music by Gustav Holst (1906); Lyrics by Christina Rossetti (1872), revised by Craig Olson (2006). Photography Credits: Snow scenes by Catherine Kerr ...Continue Reading…

(This is the third of four posts on the “Magical Giftbringers of Yule.”  The first one was Rozhanitsa, and the second one was St. Lucia.) Saule is the Baltic Sun Goddess.  I learned most of what I know about her from Patricia Monaghan’s wonderful book O Mother Sun.  I wrote the following lines for a ...Continue Reading…

(This is the second of four posts on “Magical Giftbringers of Yule.”  Last week’s was Rozhanitsa.) Well, you all know by now how much my community and I love St. Lucia, aka the Lucy Bride, the Lussibruden, Lucia Queen. Her feast day is next Monday, December 13th. We’re in a busy tizzy over here, preparing ...Continue Reading…

(Photo taken in my kitchen at last year’s Lucia Party.)


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