Since the New Moon in Virgo is tomorrow and Autumn Equinox is only two weeks away, I did a reading for myself that focuses on the theme of Harvest. My question is:  What do I most need to know about creating an abundant Harvest in my business this coming autumn season? (And by season, I ...Continue Reading…

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally moved my blog over here to a WordPress site.  I started my blog on the Typepad platform in September 2003, and today I successfully moved all seven years of blog posts over here (in spite of Mercury Retrograde!).  My former blog was called “Gaian Tarot Artist’s ...Continue Reading…

Last week Craig and I took off for a canoe-camping trip in the North Cascades wilderness. It was probably the best vacation I can remember having in a long, long time. We whittled our needs and activities down to a basic few: pack up the gear, unpack the gear. Make meals, clean up meals. Paddle ...Continue Reading…

In the Gaian Tarot Circle, we’ve been studying one Gaian Major Arcana card a month. This month’s card is the Gardener (aka the Empress).  Even though I created this card a few years back and know it intimately, I’m finding it has new and timely messages for me. A couple of nights ago, a group ...Continue Reading…

Last week I asked my newsletter readers and my blog readers to answer a few questions about the content for the “right livelihood” e-course I’m currently creating.  One question I asked had to do with the term “right livelihood.” I was interested in how people responded to it as a possible name for the course.  ...Continue Reading…

Dear Readers, I know I'm not the only person out there who wants to make an abundant living doing the work they love. Most of you know that my life changed pretty dramatically this past year, as I made the change from doing my "heart & soul work" part-time to doing it full-time. I have ...Continue Reading…


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