For friends, community and family . . . for our beautiful earth . . . for our creative spirits: this is our true wealth, and for all these things I am deeply grateful. Much love to you all! (Thanksgiving Day Snow in our backyard, Rainbow Cottage, Bellingham WA. Music: “A Winter’s Night” by Craig Olson, ...Continue Reading…

Think of a 12 year old girl that you know. A relative, or a friend’s daughter, or a neighbor down the street. Maybe she’s a 14 year old girl like my young friends Chloe and Marina. Or a 2 year old girl like my granddaughter Gracie. Then watch these videos. And imagine that a girl ...Continue Reading…

Have you noticed how many folks write and talk about the practice of gratitude as we draw close to the American Thanksgiving holiday?  (Here I am, doing it myself.) Gratitude has almost become a cliché, a stereotype, something where we say “oh, gratitude — I know all about that. It’s so last year.” But here’s ...Continue Reading…

Craig and I saw Ruthie Foster perform at the Mt Baker Theater here in Bellingham last weekend. It was one of those rare concerts where you’re full of joy when you walk out, feelin’ glad to be alive.  I first discovered her at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival several years ago, and followed her around ...Continue Reading…

Every time I walk a labyrinth, it’s a different experience. It’s often calming and centering, and puts me into a space where I can hear the still, small voice within. Last night (Autumn Equinox & Harvest Moon) I participated in a community walk at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new public labyrinth here in Bellingham. ...Continue Reading…

 Finally, the hot weather arrived!  We left the house early, before our work day began, and headed for Lake Whatcom, about five minutes away.  What a beautiful morning.  Lots of swallows doing acrobatics over the edges of the lake.  

Ran across this flowchart/poster on several blogs today.  Love it!  It was designed by Alex Koplin and David Meiklejohn.  (Please note:  I believe that the person who is happy and at peace with herself has the best shot at making positive change in the world.)


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