Think of a 12 year old girl that you know. A relative, or a friend’s daughter, or a neighbor down the street. Maybe she’s a 14 year old girl like my young friends Chloe and Marina. Or a 2 year old girl like my granddaughter Gracie. Then watch these videos. And imagine that a girl ...Continue Reading…

Last week, the Ace of Water chose me for the Card of the Week, and this week it’s the Six of Water. I love this card of community and sisterhood. It reminds me, of course, of my own circle of mermaid sisters and the plans we are making right now for our annual Yuletide Lucia ...Continue Reading…

Our community has been gathering every Labor Day weekend for years at our friends Bud and Nora’s home on the Olympic peninsula.  We gather to celebrate the end of summer and to harvest and eat Bud’s luscious corn. (Bud was the model for the Guardian of Earth.)  This year, unfortunately, Labor Day came a bit ...Continue Reading…

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally moved my blog over here to a WordPress site.  I started my blog on the Typepad platform in September 2003, and today I successfully moved all seven years of blog posts over here (in spite of Mercury Retrograde!).  My former blog was called “Gaian Tarot Artist’s ...Continue Reading…

Once again, the local tribe gathered on sacred land to celebrate the First Fruits of the Harvest at Lammas. 


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