She’s finished.  My portrait of the Crone of All Hallows, renamed “Elder of the Scar Clan.” Actually I knew that was her name from the very beginning.  I just wasn’t ready to tell everyone until now. This image of the Crone (the third face of the Goddess, the Old One, the Wise One) came to ...Continue Reading…

Photo taken by Joanna Powell Colbert, September 12, 2001. Update: A couple of people asked to buy prints, so I set up a page for it.  I’ll donate the profits to Red Cross tsunami relief.

Sssh! Don’t tell anyone but . . . there are now 382 Gaian Tarot Limited Edition decks left out of the original 1000, and (sssshhhhhh!) they’re on sale for the next couple of weeks, with a special bonus Star print to boot  . . . All the deets are here!

Today, I asked: What do I need to know in order to be whole, healthy and happy this coming week? And I pulled the Ace of Water. Oh wow.  This card speaks to me on so many levels. My first thought is of the salmon cycle, of descent and return.  A new journey begins. Like ...Continue Reading…

Last week Craig and I took off for a canoe-camping trip in the North Cascades wilderness. It was probably the best vacation I can remember having in a long, long time. We whittled our needs and activities down to a basic few: pack up the gear, unpack the gear. Make meals, clean up meals. Paddle ...Continue Reading…

In the Gaian Tarot Circle, we’ve been studying one Gaian Major Arcana card a month. This month’s card is the Gardener (aka the Empress).  Even though I created this card a few years back and know it intimately, I’m finding it has new and timely messages for me. A couple of nights ago, a group ...Continue Reading…

 (The Moon card was the first card I created for the Gaian Tarot, back in 2001. After I finished it, I wrote this essay, which turned out to be too long for the Gaian Tarot companion book. But it's a pretty juicy article about moon lore, and I think you'll like it. It was first ...Continue Reading…

 by Debra Strom (My friend and mermaid sister Debra Strom created this spread based on the Gaian Canoe card and shared it with the members of the Gaian Tarot Circle. She says: "I was so inspired by Carolyn Cushing's Five Green Allies Spread that I created a spread from Canoe card. I though, 'Hummm, that could be fun to ...Continue Reading…

What We Might Learn from Plants and the Five Green Allies Spread  by guest Carolyn Cushing First published in Carolyn's blog, Art of Change Tarot, 5/12/10. Used with permission. (Joanna's note: I love Carolyn's work and was particularly taken with the spread she created based on the herbal allies in the Gaian Teacher (Hierophant) card. So I wanted to ...Continue Reading…

It was a lot of fun to be on Donnaleigh's show last night!  If you missed it, you can listen to the archived link show here: There's also a player in the left column of this blog. It still works even if it's cut off a bit.  Donnaleigh also shared a post on her ...Continue Reading…


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