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The Gaian Soul Circle is an online gathering place for people who want to connect with others who:

• Find spiritual sustenance in the living earth
• See creative practice as a path of devotion
• Love to play with tarot cards & oracles
• Are drawn to the Sacred Feminine.

This group is especially for those of you who feel isolated or alone because you don’t know anyone else who shares your off-the-beaten-path interests or who walk an earth-honoring spiritual path.

I created the Gaian Soul Circle for you, out of the fertile compost of the Gaian Tarot Circle.

This Circle is a place where . . .

  • We are part of an online sacred space where we hang out with like-minded people
  • We nurture ourselves by taking time for our spiritual & tarot practice
  • We are inspired to deepen our relationship with Mama Gaia
  • We support others and are encouraged by them as we share the fruits of our creative practice with each other.

offeringIt’s for those of us who want to cultivate wild joy, to practice contemplation, and to howl at the moon.

We want to rest in the grace of the present moment, appreciate the beauty all around us, and share our creative gifts with the world.

And we want to be connected to a tribe of kindred spirits who feel the same way.

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So how does it work?

sorting tarot cardsIt’s pretty simple.

We will use my Gaian Soul Credo as a guideline for our discussions. We’ll focus on one theme each month, based on the precepts of the Credo.

I’ll post an article on my blog near the beginning of each month on the current topic, and open it up to discussion in the Circle. I’ll ask provocative questions you might want to answer. We’ll do a little tarot reading or oracle casting. I’ll have suggested activities for you — ways you can share your creativity (photos, art, writing, videos!) with the Circle and with the greater online world.

We’ll hold a live Wisdom Council call (teleseminar) on the second Tuesday of each month at 5PM Pacific time to discuss the month’s theme. Impromptu calls from a guest teacher or a healing circle may be offered occasionally. All calls will be recorded, so you can listen to them later if you can’t be present on the live call.

Even though we’ll have one specific theme each month, you’re not limited to it. You can post anything you like in the various categories of the discussion group. Some of the categories are:  Tarot and Other Oracles, What’s Up with Mama Gaia?, Seasonal Practices (for those taking my self-study seasonal ecourses), Goddess Spirituality, and Sacred Creativity. 

Mostly, this Circle is for you. I want to co-create it with you, and I expect to see it evolve and change over time.

Gaian Tarot 8 of Air
Circle Agreements

I’m asking all members to agree to the following guidelines, just as I do in any in-person circle.

  1. We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity instead of judgement.
  2. We hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.
  3. We speak (or write) with intention, we listen with attention, and we all tend the well-being of the circle.
  4. We ask for what we need and offer what we can.

Source: The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea  ©2010.

Where is the Gaian Soul Circle?

Aldermarsh bridgeIt’s between the worlds, in the space between spaces, in the time out of time. :-)

In the here-and-now realm, the Circle is a private G+ community. This means you DO need a Google Plus profile to join. Here’s how to get started on G+.

We’ll be using Google Hangouts as the “chat room” for our live Wisdom Council calls.

If you haven’t participated in a G+ community before, you may have a small learning curve. But our Web Support Goddess Shari has created a series of videos to help you out, and she is available to help anyone who needs it.

How much does it cost?

My intention is to keep the Circle as low-cost as possible so that it is easy for anyone seeking community to join. The cost is $60 per year, or $20 per quarter. You can pay with PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard.

And the best part? Your first month is completely FREE (for first-time members)! That way, you can check the Circle out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Meet the Circle Guardians

The Circle Guardians move the conversation along in the G+ community, and “guard” the energy of the circle.

Carolyn CushingCarolyn Cushing is a creative spinner of tarot process, the written word, and spiritual / personal development practice.  She loves to create learning and sharing spaces that help individuals and groups tap into the wisdom within the self, of the earth, and coming forth from mystery.

James WellsJames Wells, a food-appreciating, tree-loving tarot consultant and circle process practitioner in Southern Ontario, is committed to merging soul and strategy.  His choice-centered, evolutionary approach both in his work and in his life make him an in-demand teacher and counselor at home and abroad.

Maurie KirschnerMaurie Kirschner‘s insatiable curiosity, adventurous spirit and deep love of Nature has led to her extensive studies and practice as a Naturalist, as well as an ever-unfolding Nature-inspired Spirituality.  She is a natural guide and teacher, an inspirer of joyful connection, who stands at the crossroads where Nature and Spirit meet, inviting others to explore their own personal connections to Spirit and Nature.

Rue CroneheartRue Croneheart is a Daughter of the Goddess in Her many guises, but she is devoted to Hecate.  Her joy comes from helping others find their own unique connection to the Divine Feminine.

Shari SmithShari Smith, a lover of all things tarot, enjoys helping others to expand their own tech abilities. She loves doing her best to meet each individual where they are, and assisting them within the online world. She has herself enjoyed online communities for over 15 years.

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