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Not quite wordless . . . I’m over on Jennifer Louden’s blog today with some of my favorite smart & creative women, all sharing our morning rituals.

(Mama & baby deer chowing down on spent grains from Craig’s brewery, right outside his studio door.)

(Photo by Elaine Nichols, radicalrollingpin.com) We gathered at Latisha’s house to make Fire Cider, honoring the Goddess of Creative Fire & Healing Herbs, Brigid, on Her day. (Photo by Latisha Guthrie, herbmother.com) It was a delightful surprise to run into old friend EagleSong of Ravencroft Garden. (Last two photos by Jennette Nielsen) A grand time was ...Continue Reading…

Persephone, Demeter, Hecate – in rehearsal for a Hallows ritual drama. Photo by Annie Rook. 

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