(Photos taken last weekend at an Earthed Gathering for Rootical Women, here on my own home island, hosted by my friends Latisha Guthrie and Marybeth Bonfiglio.)

Only one week after our return to Heron House (which still looks pretty much like a construction zone amid a sea of unpacked boxes), Craig and I flew to Maine to spend a week with my son Steve, daughter-in-law Jenn, and granddaughter Grace. We rented a house in East Boothbay Harbor through AirBnB (love AirBnB!) ...Continue Reading…

Coast of Maine On the shore of my home island in the Salish Sea

Are you still feeling the reverberations of last weekend’s Full Moon? I sure am. I’m sailing on the energy of La Luna Bella, letting her carry me away to my beloved Heron House on Lummi Island.  Craig and I have been busting our behinds over the last couple of weeks, making repairs and renovations to ...Continue Reading…

Life has felt a bit like a rushing river lately, with our house selling very quickly (two full price offers in the first five days), then an extended time of inspections and negotiations that I will confess I did not handle well at all. I felt like I was teetering on a precipice, struggling for ...Continue Reading…

(I wrote a version of this article in 1998, before I started the creation of the Gaian Tarot. It was published in SageWoman in the Spring of 1999. I think the ideas are just as important and pertinent today as they were then. In fact, mindful nature awareness has become one of my core practices, intrinsic ...Continue Reading…

There is this. The place we go when we seek direction, when we yearn to pray, when we need to be still. We light a candle on the household altar, leave an offering at the temple door, place a kata around the teacher’s neck, slip into a pew and make the sign of the cross. ...Continue Reading…

Last Monday, I woke up in my own bed after several days away in the fabled land of Aldermarsh, and I felt a bit lost. Where was the Northwest/Zen-style bedroom? The pure white comforter, the clean wood trim, the woven wall hangings from Thailand and New Mexico? Why was the teapot in the wrong place? ...Continue Reading…

I find myself slowing down, as I finalize preparations for my retreat at the end of the week. I think I’ve entered retreat time already. Yesterday afternoon I headed out to the island where I used to live. After crossing the water on the small ferry, I dropped Craig and his music gear off at ...Continue Reading…

I’ve just come home from an extraordinary retreat at my beloved Aldermarsh. This retreat, led by Christina Baldwin, was called “Self as Source of the Story,” based on her book Storycatcher. During the week, the Muses shook me upside down, spun me around, and put me back together again. This morning I resisted the urge to ...Continue Reading…

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