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The View from Your Window

in Wheel of the Year

I was utterly charmed as I caught up on my blog reading this week and saw page upon page of views from people’s windows all over the world on
Terri Windling’s blog, The Drawing Board. I am inspired to try it here, especially since the rhodies outside my kitchen window are putting on their once-a-year glory show. (Truly spectacular!) Won’t you email a photograph of the view from your window to me? I’ll post it here so we can all see it. (Terri in turn was inspired by blogger Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic Monthly.)


I especially love the way you can see the pink reflection on the underside of the top windowframe in the first photo, and the way the pink lights up the bevels on the Celtic knot lightcatcher in the second.  Sigh. So lovely.

Can’t wait to see the view from your window!


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