I just finished and uploaded my Death card. The inspiration for it came one day last year when I was wandering around the island with my young nature studies mentor, Nikki. As we were noticing caterpillars practicing the art of camouflage and the yarrow just beginning to bloom, we came across a dead juvenile heron. ...Continue Reading…

The Death card is currently on my drawing table, and as I work on composition and color and symbolic details, I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Lady Death. The Death card in Tarot decks is one of those cards that always gets a bad rap in the mainstream media or in popular culture. Whenever ...Continue Reading…

I’ve spent the last week getting caught up on personal business, doing work for clients, doing volunteer work for the two land trusts on the island, and working in the garden — trying to keep the mints, chamomile, thistles and horsetail from taking over the world. By Saturday afternoon, I was feeling pretty cranky because ...Continue Reading…

I caught a ride into town yesterday to go see our town’s first Procession of the Species — a parade of folks dressed up like animals and plants, celebrating the natural world. Down in Olympia, they’ve been doing the Procession for ten years, and now thousands show up for the event. I’m glad to have ...Continue Reading…

Yesterday I finished my Wheel of Fortune card, which I’ve renamed, simply, the Wheel. In it, I show the seasonal wheel of the solar year as represented by a bigleaf maple tree in each season, the monthly lunar wheel with its eight phases, and the wheel of the zodiac surrounding those. If you’ve studied your ...Continue Reading…

The fair maid who, the first of May Goes to the fields at break of day And washes in dew from the hawthorn tree Will ever after handsome be. – Mother Goose, as quoted on School of the Seasons Early this morning I rose, as I do each Beltane morning, and washed my face in ...Continue Reading…


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