Gaian Soul

Joanna at the GateI’m Joanna Powell Colbert, and this is Gaian Soul, a sanctuary for everyday mystics to gather together.

Here, we forge a deep connection to our own place on this planet. Perhaps you’ve been drawn here because you seek a more meaningful life, or because you want to develop a richer bond with nature through earth-­centered spiritual practices. You may be in search of a more regular communion with the Sacred Feminine or a devotional, spiritual path through expression of your own creativity. Perhaps you seek all of these things.

Whatever your personal quest for wisdom or how you choose to apply it, my place here is to inspire you, to share the information with you that I have gathered throughout my life, and to activate you in your personal transformation and in finding the clarity you seek.

Together, we share in a rich tradition of creatives and mystics whose connection to the earth has enriched our collective experience and served to manifest dreams of a deeper existence.

muddy feet, offering bowlYour stories, and your gifts, are vital to mending the web of life on this planet.

In all that I do – including e-­courses, retreats, consultations, artwork, and my tarot decks, the Gaian Tarot and the Pentimento Tarot – I balance starry-­eyed spiritual mysticism with everyday, shoe-­leather practicality, supporting you in opening your mind to the potential of the universe while grounding you in concrete, daily practices that will better establish your connection to the earth.

I hope you’ll choose to join our community today!